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Slot Machine FAQs For Online Casinos, Live and Mobile

Slot Machine Faqs at on which slot machine you would want to play at a casino or online largely depends on your personality, and whether you are a risk taker or not. While one slot game may have the same payback percentage as the next, if you are not having fun playing the slot game, it defeats the purpose of going to the casino, or playing the slots online. Here, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of the various types of slot machines and how you can pick those slots that suit you.

The player cannot view the RNG (Random Number Generator) as it determines the results of the slot game from behind the scenes. This in turn, leads to a certain mysteriousness while playing the slots, which all players enjoy, as they wonder who they can get the best paybacks. The only way of pulling the curtain from to reveal what’s behind the mystery is to ask questions.

The more questions you can ask, the closer you will get to winning more while playing slot games. This chapter is going to cater to some of the most important questions that most slot players have in mind, but don’t know where to get the answers from. While some of those questions have been answered in this guide, here you will find concise answers to other questions players ask about slot machines. So, let’s get started:

FAQ-1: Is there a way to win the slots every time? 

Answer: While there is no formula that will help you win the slots every time, occasionally, players do win big when they hit the jackpot. This makes slot machines a pure game of chance whether you are playing them at a casino or online. There is no way of getting predictable results when it comes to slot machines since the numbers (and results) are always random, and that’s the beauty of slot games.

But, there are a few ways in which players can maximize their payback percentage, such as:

  • Those who bet the max on large jackpot slot machines can expect to jump at the top of the pay table.
  • Slot players can also scout for progressive slots and start playing only when the total amount is closer to the jackpot winning average.
  • Slot players can also look for partially complete bonuses on those slots featuring banked bonuses.

All of the above are ways in which slot players can gain a small and short-term edge over the house, but again, there is no formula for winning the jackpot every time while playing slot games. Also, players who are skilled at playing skill-based slots also have an advantage of getting a higher payback percentage as compared to the weaker players. But, similar to the normal slot machines, players on the progressive jackpots also seldom high enough to give players an edge over the house, while banked bonuses are rare and there is no guarantee that a player will find one that has a bonus which is partially completed at the casino.

When it comes to the skill-based slot games, being skilled can improve your payback percentage, but it can only do so much. That’s because the house edge is always higher on the non-bonus part of the slot games so that players aren’t able to have an advantage. But, that doesn’t stop slot enthusiasts from playing their favorite slots on different formats and trying out new slot games as they go. The truth is, everybody who plays slots has a chance of winning at least once, which is also a matter of chance. This is why it is important for slot players to always enjoy the wins, and not get hung up on their losses, since nobody can win the slots consistently, and that’s a fact!

FAQ-2: What is the Most Effective Strategy While Playing Slots?

Answer: As mentioned earlier, there is no sure fire way of winning the jackpot every time one spins the reels. That being said, the best strategies while playing the slots always involves better money management, as in making the bets that matter, and making sure that you don’t bet what you cannot afford. The following chart should be considered by those slot players who want to know more about wager sizes, the average losses per 500 spins and the average payback percentage when it comes to slot games.

Table of Average Slot Machine Losses

When it comes to payback percentages it is important to note that some casinos offer higher paybacks than others, which means that there is much room for variation in the payback percentages of a slot game. The amount of risk or loss mainly depends on the amount of coins that are wagered on a single slot machine. Here are some exsample in dollars but might as well have been in UK punds, for instance, a 2-cent per payline bet on a penny slot can take the risk as high as $300, with an average of $45 per hour.

It is also important to note here that as a player bets more coins, their risk as well as the average loss per spin rises proportionally. This is something to keep in mind while planning your strategy on slot games. For example, if you have $100 to play on slots, you cannot afford to play any higher-denomination slot games. This makes penny slots the faster game where the $1 slots are risky, but the $5 slots should be stayed away from, even if you start off with $500.

While using a base of $500, slot players also need to be aware of their bankroll, even if they are playing on $1 slots. If you lose $300 fast, then it’s time to rethink your strategy by cutting back on the 25-cent slots. If you want to have a chance at staying for longer, or at least for up to three hours without completely draining your bankroll, it is better to have the funds for at least 250 bets. This is why the bankroll that has been mentioned above is around $75 on penny slots with a one-coin per payline bet, and $250 on nickels, and $187.50 on quarters, $750 on dollars and $3,750 on the $5 slot games.

It is important to note that the risk of the player rises as the player raises their wager. This means if you bet two coins per payline rather than one on a 30-line slot game, the base bet is set at 60 cents, with a three-hour bankroll which rises to $150.

It should be mentioned that even those players who have an adequate bankroll have to deal with a 10% chance of their funds draining in less than three hours. But, on the bright side, there will be times when players win big, albeit they are few and far between. The following are some recommendations when it comes to strategy while playing slot games:

  • In order to not over bet it is important that players always choose slot games that are within their bankroll budget.
  • If a player finds themselves losing early on, it is wise to take a minute to relax and step back so that they can get a better picture of the game, and reduce their bets.
  • Always set limits on the amount of money you are willing to lose while playing the slots.
  • When you are winning it is always best to make a choice on whether to add to those winnings or call it a day and return home with your winnings.
  • Never over bet on slots, especially after winning, since it can significantly reduce the amount of money you get to take home.

Always Play for Fun!

It is important to remember that the whole point of playing slots is to have fun. The slots have been designed to offer fun and a level of excitement by giving players a chance at winning big. Players should understand that slot machines are not consistent winning opportunities which is why they should enjoy their wins as they come and remember to stay below the betting limit so that even when you lose, it will be a reasonable loss, and not one that will hurt your ego or your wallet.

FAQ-3: Do Machines that are about to give a payout give a sign?

Answer: The quick answer is ‘No’. Slot machines have not been designed to give any signals to the players that it is ready to make a pay off. There is no special sound, or a clue on the screen that will be a sign that the machine is about to pay off. That’s because the results of a slot machine is always random and is generated by a random number generator. This means that any result is possible, regardless of the number of spins or the betting amount. Its randomness and ambiguity is what appeals to slot players, and has been the main reason why slot games have not lost steam in the live casino or online formats.

FAQ-4: How Do You Choose The Right Machine?

Answer: While playing slot machines, a large part of the puzzle is selecting the right kind of slot game that will fit your budget and your bankroll. Apart from these two factors it’s all about the player’s personal preference when it comes to playing slots. However, if you do want a shot at winning the jackpot while playing the slot machine then you will also have to accept the low-hit frequency as well.

This is where the progressives and the three-reel slots that come with the highest jackpots come in. So, if you want to improve your chances at winning big while playing slot machines, but would also like to balance it with modest wins, then you should look to the large jackpot video slots.

If you are looking for a high-hit frequency, but also want a shot at winning big, then the video slots that offer free spin bonuses are the slots for you. And if you are looking for slots that have a very high hit frequency that can extend the game play time with smaller wins then choosing the video slots that offer pick’ em bonuses should be your first choice since they also offer more entertainment as well.

But all of these are just general simplifications of which slot machines offer which features to the players. It is very possible that slot machines would have some overlap when it comes to playing the games, bonuses, and even the jackpot amounts.

FAQ-5: Three-Reel Slot Machines or Video Slots? Which is Better?

Answer: How you answer this question will mainly depend on your own personal preference. The three-reel slot machines have been known to have fewer winning spins, but they do give the player a better chance at winning the jackpot.

On the other hand, the video slots tend to offer smaller wins, with a lesser chance at winning the big jackpot. Like all live slot machines, the odds have been set so that the house always has the edge over the player. That being said, the results of both the three-reel slot machines and the video slots are always random.

FAQ-6: Is there any way of Telling the Payback Percentage of a Slot Machine?

Answer: No and yes, there’s no sure-fire way of telling what the payback percentage of land based casino slot machine will be. That’s because the payback percentages of slot machines are never displayed on the casino floor,  however if playing online you can see most of the online slots payback percentage here.

The land based slot machines are mostly designed several different payback percentages, and it is mostly up to the casino that’s using the slot machine that decides which slot machines they would use in their casinoe. What land based casinos don’t tell the players is which version of the slot machine they are using or going to use.

In many states across the US, there are gaming boards where the payback percentages are published so that slot players have a clue of what the payback percentage of an individual slot machine would be, but even then, the payback percentages that are displayed on those gaming boards are usually casino-wide averages for each of the coin denominations used for playing the slots, and not the actual payback percentage of each individual slot machine.

FAQ-7: When a Casino Claims that it’s Machines Pay 90%, is it the same for all Slot Machines?

Answer: The answer is ‘No’ because statements such as this which comes from any casino usually refers to a casino-wide average, which is why it should not be taken literally. Casinos get a figure by calculating all of the wagers and payouts of all of their slot machines on the casino floor. Quite similarly, whenever a gaming board displays their payback percentages that are usually broken down for each coin denomination, what they are really displaying is a casino-wide average of the payback percentage.

FAQ-8: Is it Possible for Players to Use Rewards to Overcome the House Edge?

Answer: While many slot players would like this to be the case, the truth of the matter is that player rewards are not large enough to give the player an advantage over the house edge. In fact, the most generous of player rewards only delivers up to 1% of wagers in cash back and another 1% in comps. This is with an exceptionally high casino, the typical casinos offer cash backs and comp rates that are usually between the ranges of 0.2% and 0.5%. With these odds, there’s no way any slot player can have a 100% advantage over the house by using player rewards.

FAQ-9: How do Slot Paybacks Compare with other Casino Games?

Answer: A good way of looking at it is that payback percentages are normally the inverse of the house edge. For instance, if a particular slot machine is offering a 90% payback percentage, the game will usually have a 10% house edge. The table given below offers some information on the payback percentages of different casino games:

Slots Paybacks Compare to Casino Games

Here we can see that the house edge for Blackjack changes according to the house rules, while the returns for video poker also varies with the accessible pay tables. In comparison, we see that the slot machines offer a higher house edge.

The real tradeoff here is that the player gets to play slots using small wagers as compared to table games. These games also offer high value when it comes to entertainment apart from the payoffs. Both these factors is what makes slot machines a more favorable option for slot enthusiasts and those people who play slots for the high level of fun and excitement it offers.

FAQ-10: Can a Casino tell a Slot Machine when to give a Jackpot? And how do Live Casinos Decide when a Player Win’s a Jackpot?

Answer: This has been a popular myth for a long time, but that’s exactly just what it is: a myth. Land based Casinos are not able to decide when a slot player wins or loses, since it is all left to the random number generator. The casino owners do not decide on who wins or loses while playing slots. A casino owner cannot press a button to reward anybody a jackpot. The only control that a casino does have over the slots it uses is deciding on which version of the slot machine it will purchase.

One factor that is always considered by casinos is that the odds should always lead to a significant house edge along with a desirable payback percentage. When it comes to those land based casino slots that are regulated or the game-certified casinos, there is absolutely nothing anybody can do to influence the results that appear on the slots.

FAQ-11: Can Casinos Manipulate the Slot Machine whenever a Player is having a ‘Hot Streak’?

Answer: Contrary to popular belief, there is absolutely no way that a casino can manipulate a slot machine to change the results whenever a player is on a roll. Whether the slot player is going through a hot streak or a cold streak, it is all up to the decisions that are made by the player and the results of the random number generator. Slot machines cannot be controlled from a remote location, which is only a myth that is unfortunately believed by many slot players.

The truth of the matter is that the smart casino owners would not even want to stop a player from their winning streak, since the  only thing that better than all their marketing gimmicks is a winner who can spread the word around of their winning streak and the casino they were playing in to their friends and co-workers. Without the help of winners, casino owners would have a hard time in getting people to come through the door, make a wager and take a chance on their casino games.

Casino operators are also fully aware that with the many losing spins the big wins are eventually balanced out, and the casino always wins. Now, let’s assume that you are a player on the slots and you’re on a hot streak that would usually pay 90%. You will be betting £1 for each spin, and you will have wagered up to £150 over the past 10 minutes. In an hypothetical example, you have also had a hot streak with 10 £5 wins, 4 £0 wins and 2 £20 wins, along with one £100 win and a £3,000 jackpot, bringing your total returns to £3,230 for the £150 that you wagered.

In the same casino slot, players will come and go for a week or month and will spin the reels up to 200,000 times to get the normal 90% return. What this means is their returns will total up to £180,000, and when your play is added to this result, that amount goes up to £200,150 wagered with £183,230 returned. This also means that the even after your hot streak, the payback percentage of that same slot machine is 91.5%. So, even after a winning streak, the player has only managed to bump up the payback percentage to a mere 1.5%. And after 500,000 plays on the same slot machine at the normal payback, that payback percentage goes down to 90.6%.

As long as a slot machine is able to pay its normal return, in time, the hot streak fades away and things are back to normal and a normal payback percentage. The same is the case for cold streaks as well. In the end, the normal paybacks are always going to bring the overall returns close to the casino’s expectations. When it comes to the live casino slots, both hot and cold streaks are a part of the game, and in time, both eventually fade into mathematical insignificance for the casino. This is the mainly why it is not in the casino’s interest to manipulate their slot machines to encourage either hot or cold streaks.

FAQ-12: Does Time Matter when it comes to Playing Slots? Do Slot Machines Pay More During Less busy Times?

Answer: Not really, the odds of any particular slot machines always remains the same regardless of when it is being played or how busy the casino is. To alter that odds of the slot machine so that they payoff more during busy times, slot operators would have to stop the games in order to change the game settings. Making any slight chances would also require the approval or the slot regulators of the state or country in which the casino operates. When it comes to land casinos, making any changes to the slot machine would require opening the game and changing the chip in the game’s CPU, which would also have to be removed from the slot machine temporarily. However, when it comes to server-based slots, these changes can be carried out from a remote location, but not without the approval of the regulators. Making any changes to a slot machine, even when it is done remotely also requires the casino operator to stop all of the slot games, and display a message that informs all players that changes are being made to the game.

It doesn’t really matter whether a casino is busy or not, when it comes to the online casinos. Players who choose to go the online route to play their favorite slots are not influenced by the results of other players. When it comes to a crowded casino, players usually find that they are winning more, but that’s just because there’s a lot happening in a crowded casino as compared to a half empty one. In those casinos that are less crowded, there is naturally a longer time between wins that are observed since there are fewer players and thus fewer opportunities of winning. Furthermore, game regulators do not allow slot games to be changed in this way and even with their approval, casinos who choose to make these changes every night and day, or during weekends can find themselves dealing with a double dose of downtime, which is certainly not profitable when running a business.

FAQ-13: Is it Possible that the Jackpots are Timed in Slot Machines?

Answer: Absolutely not. Jackpots cannot be timed and are directly the result of a random number generator. As the name implies, jackpots are totally random occurrences, which is also a big part of their charm. The idea that jackpots can be timed or activated from a remote location by an operator is nothing more than a myth. Mostly, slot players believe that their jackpot is the result of betting the minimum. But, in reality, if you consider the many plays and their results, it is clear that hitting the jackpot has nothing to do with making large or small bets, and that the wins and losses come in equal proportion when it comes to slot machines. The operators do not feed in any information on the amount wagered into the Random Number Generator, so the amount that a player wagers has nothing to do with the results. The sole purpose of the Random Number Generator is to generate numbers at random.

Quick Facts:

  • All wins on the slot machine are random, and there’s no strategy that can change what appears on the reels.
  • The best way of playing slot machines is to always play those slots that are according to your bankroll, and to always set limitations to your wins and losses.
  • It is true that paybacks of slots are lower as compared to other casino games, but slot machines also have a low minimum bet and emphasizes more on the experience it offers in the form of entertainment.

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