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Best UK High Roller Online Casinos

Best High Roller Online Casinos for 2024

Man Playing High Roller Casinos UKAre you a high roller that is starting to feel a little frustrated when looking for an online casino that matches what you’re looking for? Then stress no longer as we have come up with what we feel are currently the best sites to play at.

Check out our recommendations of online casinos for high rollers below:


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  • Over 1600 Games & Live Dealers
  • High limits: Roulette bet limit £75,000, Blackjack £10,000, Slots £800
Best UK High Roller Online Casinos 1
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  • Safe UK Licensed & Secure
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Best UK High Roller Online Casinos 2
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  • Fast Payouts/ VIP Program
  • UK Licensed & Secure
  • 400 Games & Live Dealers
  • Top Online Casino 2019
  • Roulette bet limit £1,000, Blackjack £1,000, Baccarat £1000, Slots £250

If you’ve been a regular casino player for some time, you’ll probably know what it means when somebody is labeled as a high roller. This is a term used for the big spenders at the table or on the lots, which are also otherwise known as “whales.” These are the players that are very wealthy and can afford to risk more at the online casinos, or they are just really good players.

High rollers are extremely popular with online casinos as you can imagine, and they will often be rewarded with or offered the chance to become VIP players. A VIP status usually gives them better benefits such as faster withdrawals, a dedicated account manager, higher withdrawing and betting limits, exclusive promotions, and much more.

A high roller is always going to be more likely to join a reputable online casino that is known for treating its better spending players very well. If they choose a wrong online casino, they might quickly find out that some online casinos do not have the best of reputations for paying out winnings. This is primarily going to be the case because those winnings are likely to be more significant for high rollers due to their increased bet sizes.

For that reason, we have taken the time and plenty of effort to come up with a list of the very best online casinos for high rollers that are available to play at, and they are all fully UK licensed. Every online casino we recommend for high rollers is reliable, trustworthy, and will be a safe place for you to play, whether you’re a high roller or merely a casual gambler.

What are Our Requirements for This List of Online Casinos?

Whenever we put our lists of recommended online casinos together, we always make sure that they meet some fairly stringent requirements that we put in place, but when it comes to this particular list dedicated to high rollers, those requirements are even more stringent. This is mainly because high rollers stand to lose a lot more in terms of money should the wrong decision be made.

Furthermore, the types of players that are more regular players or are likely to spend larger amounts are likely to have more preferences and requirements when it comes to choosing their next online casino.

So what are the requirements we look for when finding an ideal online casino for high rollers? Well, probably the three most important for high rollers are the following:


A high roller is somebody that is going to be wager a lot of money, and they will obviously want to play at an online casino where this money is safe. There is little doubt that an online casino’s reputation will be the most significant and most important consideration for any big spender.

This is why we have handpicked each of the online casinos that we have on or VIP casino list, simply because we know without a doubt that these are highly reputable, and are all fully licensed by the UK gambling commission. They are more than happy to accept high rollers as a part of their player base and can be trusted to pay out big amounts when these high rollers eventually get lucky from their big bets.

Betting, Deposit, and Withdrawl Limits: 

Most online casinos will generally have limits when it comes to betting, withdrawing, and sometimes even depositing that are normally set up with the average player in mind. As a high roller, though, you will probably want an increased limit for all of these so that you can bet big and deposit or withdraw larger amounts. 

Some online casinos will cater to high rollers by rasing limits. That is why we have made sure that each online casino on our VIP recommended list has properly sized limits and that they also offer the potential to increase these limits for you if you wanted to.

Game Selection: 

The casino games available are a consideration that most players will have before joining an online casino, no matter their level of wagering. However, in terms of high rollers, they will want to make sure that the casino has the sort of games that allow them to bet and win big when playing. This could mean a good selection of high limit slots and high limits casino table games such as Blackjack or Roulette.

Note: It should be noted that while each of the VIP online casinos, we have recommended matches the above requirements, this might change or alter depending on your current country of residence.

Look for High Roller Casino Bonuses

While the three requirements we mentioned above will be the priority for most high rollers, the casino bonuses offered by an online casino will be right up there as well. With regards to high rollers, they will want to look out for casino bonuses that are tailor-made for them.

Practically every online casino will offer its players bonuses such as a welcome bonus, reload bonuses, free spins, or cashback on any losses, but most of the time, these will not be of much benefit to high rollers that like to wager big amounts. Some online casinos do provide special bonuses for their big-spending players, so this is always worth looking out for.

The thing is that many UK casinos will put betting limits in place when it comes to their bonuses. This is designed to specifically hinder the type of player that is known as a bonus hunter – somebody only interested in the casino for the bonus that will move onto another casino once they have used up their money.

A high roller is not going to find playing a max bet of $5 for every online slot spin that they make attractive. For that reason, we suggest you look for online casinos that have bonuses that are more suited to your budget and have the limits that you like to play.

Although this is a consideration that is on the list for a high roller, it is not a requirement that we have always taken into consideration in our list. We feel that the three main considerations we mentioned are far more important for a high roller.

Choosing the Best High Roller Casino

Everybody has opinions, preferences, and requirements when they think about which online casino to go for, so simply saying one casino is better than another is as not as straightforward as you might think. One online casino could be the better choice for one person, while another would suit somebody else.

With that in mind, our advice is to take a look at each of the casinos that we have listed above and then decide which of them matches your requirements the best. We can assure you that any of them will be a good choice for you as a high roller, but which one is the best for you will come down to your own personal preferences.

What are the Best Games for a High Roller to Enjoy at an Online Casino?

Casino Games For HighrollersNo matter what type of casino game you prefer whether it is online slots, tables games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and poker, or games such as video poker, bingo, or scratch cards, you can be sure that you will find them among our recommended online casinos. However, as a high roller, you’ll probably be looking for your favorite games with high betting limits.

Having specifically hand-picked the above casinos to be the best options for high rollers, we can tell you that each of them offers games with at the very least, reasonably high maximum betting limits. Those limits should be more than enough for most high rollers but if not, you may find that these limits can be increased via their VIP programs.

You will find that each of those casinos is different with some allowing bigger bets on tables games such as Blackjack while others are happier to allow big betting on their online slots. This is why once again, it is important to check each of them out to ensure that the games you enjoy the most are going to have the sort of betting limits that are ideal for you.

Tips for High Rollers

Okay, so with everything we have said so far taken onboard, we would like to finish up with some helpful tips for any of you out there that might consider yourself high rollers. There are five of them for you to think about before you start to gamble online:

  • Carefully choose an online casino based on what we have already said in this article. Getting the right online casino is probably the most important thing for any high roller and should you follow our advice, you stand a much better chance of this.
  • Enquire at your online casino to see if there are any VIP programs or loyalty schemes that you can take advantage of. You will not only be able to enjoy things such as increased limits, tailor-made bonuses or a dedicated account manager but you may be able to collect loyalty points for the large bets that you’re playing. These can often be redeemed for some pretty impressive items.
  • Look for high RTP, high variance games to play if you want the best chance at winning big and beating the casino. RTP is the return-to-player percentage that a game has and the closer to 100% you can get is the better for you.

As for variance, if you can find a high variance game you will be subject to fewer wins but much larger wins when they come about. Experienced high rollers will always suggest that you play high variance slots with the highest possible RTP for the best chance of short term and long-term success at a casino.

  • Always bet the highest amount possible. If you’re a high roller there is a very good chance that you’ll already know that the more you bet, the bigger you will win if you get lucky. Furthermore, on slot machiens, you’ll find that betting the max lines and the highest bet will sometimes be required for winning the jackpot – so you certainly do not want to miss out on that.
  • Withdraw as Soon as You Hit a Big Win. While the online casinos we have listed above are highly reputable, we still suggest that you set in motion the withdrawal of any winnings that you deem to be big as soon as you get your hands on them. It is better to be safe than sorry after all and surely you’ll want your money earning you interest rather than sitting in another bank account elsewhere?


Playing at online casinos as a high roller might sound like the stuff of dreams for regular players, but there are actually quite a few specific considerations that these players have to make before choosing their ideal online casino. A bonus that looks and sounds great to the average player will not be of much worth while there is little point having a big budget if a casino does not allow you to place larger wagers.

This is why we have put in the work to put together the above article and the our recommendations for the best online casinos for high rollers. We do hope that if you’re a high roller, that we have given you some valuable information and that you have been able to use it to find an excellent online casino that matches your requirements.