AC Coin & Slot Announces Success of Games

The online casino AC Coin & Slot has announced that three of its games have continued to be successful for the past 100 days.

These three games are: Big Game Show Gold Edition Bonus; Chef’s Daily Special; and When in Rome. This success has come at a time when other online casino operators are facing new challenges, the casino has been successful in producing three unique bonus games which are entertaining enough to keep slot game enthusiasts returning again and again to their favorite casinos.

Online casino operators are now getting very active in adding to their mix of slot games so that they can give players a variety of the most popular and proven slots games.  AC Coin & Slot has introduced its summer series of owned bonus games, the casino continues to double and triple house averages in all locations.

 AC Coin & Slot Announces Success of Games 1

Triple Star, is a five-reel, 25-line pay table of Big Game Show Gold Edition Bonus and Double Diamond, is a five-reel, 30-line pay table of Chef’s Daily Special and When in Rome. AC Coin & Slot is moving away from the old 9-line pay table in favor of these more competitive tables.

Jerry Seelig, the AC Coin & Slot Executive Vice President and General Manager, stated, “In the current scenario, 25- and 30-line pay tables really appeal to players. These tables give players more ways to win.”