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Weighing Between Regular Slots and Jackpot Slots

Whether to play jackpot slots or regular slots at casinos online can be a difficult decision to make even if a person can differentiate between the two. This article will be a guide to anyone who looks to understand how the slots are played and their perks.

Regular slots

Regular slots are known as non-progressive jackpots because their jackpots are fixed, to mean, no matter how frequently or the number of times they are won, the amount is the same.

They usually have smaller prices as compared to progressive jackpot slots. Additionally, the amount that can be won is dependent on the wagered amount. For instance, the slots can have a jackpot worth 500 times your stake. In that case, if a person wins the regular slots jackpot, the prize won will be 500 times the stake. In this example, a player always wins 500 times the amount wagered.

Jackpot slots

They are commonly called progressive jackpot slots. Their jackpots are not fixed. They are designed such that every time a person bets the jackpot size increases. Interestingly, the jackpots can increase to be worth millions of dollars. They build up over time as players continue wagering on the slot until they are won. Then, they fall back to its default standard.

Jackpot slots can also be offered in a network. This means that if all casinos in the network offers the same jackpot slot, any player from any of the casinos can win the prize. Furthermore, it is worth noting that same prize will be offered in all the casinos offering the game.

How much can a player win?

The first thing to look at when determining the best type of slot is the possible winnings. If a player looks to win a certain amount of money, he can choose the regular slot catalogue that can enable him win the specific amount of money. Usually, playing regular slots is cheaper than playing jackpot slots.

Players who wish to win large sums of cash can opt to play huge progressive jackpot slots. However, it is important to note that playing jackpot slots can be more costly and it does not offer a wide range of game options to choose from.

Winning chances

Good players weigh in their chances to win. Jackpot’s triggering features in regular slot machine games are usually the same. For example, a player can line up 5 jackpot paying symbols on the payline and win. The RTP rate tells a player how often he or she is likely to win.

It is important to note that progressive jackpot slots are rarely won because it is difficult to beat them. Another factor that a player should consider when weighing winning chances is whether the jackpot is available to players at his casino only or to other casino players in other casinos. If it is available to players in other casinos, the jackpot can be easily nabbed.

Which is the best slot?

It all depends on what a player is after. On one hand, a player has an opportunity to win a large sum of money with progressive jackpot slots. On the other hand, a player is sure of the amount he or she can win and has a higher chance of winning a top prize.