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Gambling Regulations Outside of the United Kingdom

The rise of the online casino marketplace has left a gambling market that is not always clear to the consumer. In general, when it comes to online gambling, there are two types of markets. The first is the online gambling market that’s regulated. This is when there’s a clear and appropriate national standard in place for the user. The second type of online gambling market is the unregulated market. This is a system where it may be technically illegal for the citizens of that nation to choose to gamble. However, this does not mean that the citizens in that country cannot gamble online at all. There are ways they can work around this issue and find it easy to gamble online even if it is not totally legal in their country.

The Spanish Gambling Market

Some countries have taken what is considered the regulated market approach to online gambling. One such country is Spain. Spanish officials chose to make it legal to gamble online here. This approach has many valuable advantages. The market is closely regulated by the government. This means that all those who operate an online casino must agree to certain standards. It also means that the gambler has recourse to certain regulations that protect his interests. As a result, this has helped lead to a relatively stable online gambling market in Spain. Spanish officials know the industry exists here. They also know who is gambling and how much revenue is being generated as a result of this activity.

The United States

Another approach to the issue of online gaming is what might be called the unregulated online casino. This is the approach that has been taken in the United States. Online casinos constitute what officials consider to be very much a grey area. This means that it is possible to gamble online as long as certain regulations are followed. It also means that each state has laws with separate approaches. Some states have chosen to ban this form of gambling totally and completely. Other states have decided to make it legal. It’s no wonder that many Americans are unsure if they can gamble or not and remain unsure if online gambling is legal both where they live and in any neighboring states.

What Works

The question of what works when it comes to the online gaming market is one that officials have been struggling with for many years. The two kinds of gambling regulations illustrate that many state, local and national officials are not yet clear how to respond to the complexities in front of them. In making online gambling legal, Spanish officials have clearly chosen one route. They believe that clear and open regulation of online gambling will keep it from going underground and keep all revenues above board and taxed. Many American officials have not yet come to the same regulatory conclusion. This may change as the online gaming market continues to grow and expand all over the world.