Australian Pokies Loss Is Similar to Drug Epidemic

Australia’s gaming industry has devoured its residents for years, and it hasn’t been a subtle occurrence. A huge invite to gambling one’s earnings sits above just about every major highway,

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New Mississippi Casino Projects Get a Swift Denial

Regulators in the state of Mississipi have just reached a quick decision to deny two proposed casinos the ability to build on its coast. The names of the companies that


Warner Brothers And Playtech Partner To Bring DC Superheroes To Branded Slots

At first glance you might not think that the popular comic book brand DC Comics had much in common with the world of online betting and gaming. After all DC


Camelot Is in a Huff About Lottoland’s Betting Model

The company that owns the UK Lottery is trying desperately to get the government to cease betting operations that may be affecting the amount of money that comes to Good


Former PokerStars CEO Cashes In Some Chips

David Baazov continues to make headlines through his company Amaya Inc. as investors and online gamblers alike continue to follow the news closely in order to determine what type of

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Platinum Play Casino Goes Mobile

Platinum Play has certainly taken their booming online casino business in a new and welcome direction for many gamblers who want to enjoy the same prestigious action while on the


Gambling and Sports Has Quickly Brought Online Gaming to the Next Level

Gaming online has become huge in the last two decades, bursting into the public image in a huge way. Those that take gaming seriously could become immersed in Massive Multiplayer


CEI Requests the Sports Betting Ban be Repealed

A recent report has requested that the United States Congress ends the prohibition on sports betting. This request came straight from the CEI (Competitive Enterprise Institute) which is a think


Swiss Parliament Approves Gambling Website Block

Parliament is Switzerland continues to vote on various sensitive matters that have to do with the gaming industry. Future voting sessions will cover gambling winning taxation and matters that pertain


Leeds-based Sky Betting Teams Up with Ad Agency for HR App

Sky Betting & Gaming, a UK gambling company based in Leeds, has entered into a partnership with digital ad agency Bolser to develop a new application that will streamline the