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Maryland Looking To Legalize Sports Betting: Could This Be A Trend?

Sports betting is currently outlawed in most states of the country, but a large number are looking to change that by passing new laws. One of these is Maryland, one

'; American Gaming Association

Gambling Takes a Hit in Manila as Officials Declare War

Legal and organized gambling can be a fun way to make a little money, but illegal gambling often gets attacked as a major public menace. This includes in places like

'; American Gaming Association

A New Virtual Reality Awaits the Gaming World

The spawn of artificial intelligence became the brainchild of virtual reality. Artificial intelligence is not a new concept. John Cameron’s “Terminator”, has swelled into a massive cult following since its


4th quarter of 2016 was a mixed bag for the gambling industry

Things are going quite well for the gambling industry in Macau, with revenues rising marginally there in January – this is the sixth consecutive month of growth after a two

'; online betting Brazil

UK Gambling Board Wins Landmark Case Against Unlicensed Sports Betting Site

Gambling in the UK is regulated by the Gambling Commission, a regulatory government body charged with enforcing regulations in the gaming industry and investigating and prosecuting illicit gambling operations. The

'; French casinos

New MGM Casino brings in revenue growth to the Harbor

National Harbor has just opened a new casino and the state casino revenue has gone up. This billion dollar casino has not only turned heads in the casino world, it’s


The Proposal That Could Save Pub Owners Money and Time

The Gambling Business Group and Business in Licensing recently drafted a proposal which would do away with the requirement that pubs must notify Licensing Authorities when they want to use


17 Million Gambling Ads Removed by Google in 2016

Search engine giant Google has recently announced that the company has removed just over 1.7 billion “bad ads” in 2016, a term that the company applies to any type of


Is the eSports Industry Past Due for Regulations?

eSports gaming is wildly popular. The brilliant concept of wagering on eSports taps into a huge youth market that grew up on competitive gaming. While the platform for eSports may


UK Gambling Commission to Impose New Regulations on Bookmakers and Gambling Companies

Regulations exist to protect consumers that participate in an industry and to keep industries healthy by discouraging corrupt business practices that can keep the playing field from being as level