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The Paroli Roulette System

Paroli-roulette-system-guideThe Paroli Roulette System

Roulette has continued to be a popular casino game since it first appeared in the history books way back in the seventeenth century. Thanks to its popularity at the casinos the game has become statistical landmine for mathematicians and gamblers alike giving birth to Roulette systems. One of those systems being the well-known Paroli system.

We take an in-depth view at the paroli system letting you know how: 

1.How the Paroli system works

2. How it influences your chances of winning

3. It’s reliability

Why Lean Roulette Systems?

If you play any type of casino game for real money, you should have a strategy. Without one, you are increasing the house odds of winning, which simply equates to the fact that without a system you are increasing your chances of losing to the house.

Much like Blackjack has an optimal strategy, Roulette also comes with its own playing styles that help to increase your odds versus the house. Finding a system that suits your playing style will help you not only increase your edge versus, but also systems add some spice to game.

By and large, this means Roulette systems can:

  • reduce your chances of losing
  • increase your odds versus the house
  • make sessions more interesting
  • mean you will have a lot more fun
  • increase your playing time

Whether you play online, live Roulette table or in a land-based casino, it doesn’t matter. Roulette systems can be used anywhere, and what’s more is you can look and feel like a pro!

What is the Paroli System?

The Paroli system is similar Martingale system. However, the Martingale system requires you to double your bet every time you lose. On the other hand, the Paroli System will have you doubling your bets each time you win. In essence, with the Paroli system, you are not putting large sums of money at risk when you are on a downswing.

Advantages to playing the Paroli System.

  • It’s not a frustrating system
  • Easy to get to grips with
  • Boost morale and the fun factor
  • Low risk/Increased wins
  • Great side bet game for those also using straight bets

Features of the Paroli System

On the outside of a Roulette board you have what are called ‘outside bets’. The Paroli System uses only the betting options that offer ‘even odds’.  In fact, the Paroli system is based loosely on one of the most popular Roulette strategies out there; the “Martingale System”, which also uses only the outside bets.

For Roulette players on a budget, the preferred system is the Paroli system. Unlike the Martingale system, the risk of losing using the Paroli system is controlled, therefore giving players longevity at the Roulette table.

Here you can see the 3 types of bets both the Paroli and Martingale system use:

The Paroli Roulette System

What can I expect in return from a successful even odds bet?

There are even/odd bets, colour bets and high/low bets that all pay ‘even odds’. This means if you bet 1 chip and you win, then you will get 2 chips back. That is, you will get back the chip you bet and 1 more on top thus giving you a profit of 1 chip.

Let’s look at both systems to understand further how the Paroli system reduces the risk of large losses compared to the Martingale system.

Features of the Martingale System:

  • Double your bet after every loss
  • Wager ‘even’ odd outside bets only
  • Bets can get very high on a losing streak
  • Losing streaks mean less play time

Features of the Paroli System:

  • Double your bet after every win
  • Wager ‘even’ odd outside bets only
  • Losing streaks do not risk high losses
  • Reduced losses mean more play time

The Paroli Strategy for Rookie Roulette Players

Now you have compared the differences between the 2 systems, you can already begin to calculate in your head or imagine just how much more sense the Paroli system makes if you are playing Roulette on a lower budget.

Instead of the Martingale style of doubling your bet each time the house wins, the Piroli system ensures you are effectively reinvesting your winnings only. There is a lot more to it than that. However, what you know now is that a losing streak will not mean losing substantial amounts of cash as could happen with the Martingale system.

Its simplicity and reduced risk factors makes the Paroli system much more amateur friendly.

Learning the Rules of The Paroli System

For newbies to Roulette, all you need to know is that ‘outside bets’ are used in the Paroli system. This means you will only be betting on ‘even odds’ bets.

  • Even/Odd Bets
  • High/Low Bets
  • Black/Red

Here are the first 2 steps to follow:

  1. Choose which of the 3 bets you would like to start wagering

(For rookies, we suggest start with just 1 of the 3 even odds outside betting options)

  1. Decide on how much you will bet on each spin

(If you are new to this system or to Roulette, keep this amount to a minimum)

Once you have decided on the betting type and the amount you wish to wager each coup, you will then need to follow the very simple Paroli rules.

  1. If you lose, place the same bet again

(Never change the amount you bet)

  1. If you win, leave your starting bet, and place your winnings on top

(Never bet more than you won)

  1. If you win for a second time, once again leave your bet, and place your winnings on top

(Your next bet at this stage will be twice the amount of your previous starting previous bet)

As you can see, each time you win, you will bet all your chips again. You do not subtract anything from the next bet – always keep what you won on the board.

How Does This Strategy Help Me Win?

At the moment, you may be thinking that this system means you will effectively bet all your winnings until you lose. This is very true and as you continue reading, you will see why. The more you re-bet your winnings, the more inevitable it is that you will lose all your winnings.

This is where something called ‘progressions’ come into play.

What are Progressions in the Paroli System?

Progressions are the number of times you keep betting after a win. All this means is you set a limit to how many times you will re-bet using the Paroli system.

Here are some examples of progressions that you can use:

  • 2 progressions (winning streaks)
  • 3 progressions (winning streaks)
  • 4 progressions (winning streaks)
  • 5 progressions (winning streaks)

This also means you can change your bets around the 3 outside even bets available on the Roulette table. If you start to go into 5 winning streaks, then you should consider looking at the history and doing your best to predict the next outcome.

It is important to note that the more progressions you decide on, the higher the risk of losing is. That also means, the more successful progressions you land, then higher your winnings. However, note that if you continually lose progressions, it makes your losing streak longer.

Paroli System in Action

Let’s create a scenario whereby you are sat at a Roulette table with an outside bet table minimum of £1.00 per bet – you have £50 in tow. You decide to set your progressions limit at 3, and you have also made the decision to bet £2.00 per bet.

  • 3 progressions
  • £1.00 table minimum outside bets
  • £2.00 per bet using the Paroli system

Effectively, in this scenario if you go on a 25-spin losing streak, you are only going to get 50 spins worth of action. The chances of this happen are very minimal.

  • Progression 1

On your first bet you decide to wager £2.00 on red. The wheel spins and you win. You now have your £2.00 bet returned plus you get another £2.00 giving you a total return of £4.00 and a profit of £2.00.

  • Progression 2

You will bet the entire £4.00 return from progression 1 according to the Paroli system’s rules. If you win again, then you will get your £4.00 returned and £4.00 winnings. Your total return is £8.00 with your £4.00 bet won in progression 1 returned plus an additional £4.00. Already, you are £6.00 in profit.

  • Progression 3

On your final progression, you bet the entire amount won from progression 2. This is an £8.00. You decide to take the risk and stay on red even though you won on red in progression 1 and 2. The croupier spins the wheel and thankfully red pops up again!

Your original £8.00 bet is returned. You also collect another £8.00 winning totalling £16.00. Now you have made a profit of £14.00 in your first 3 spins. Plus, because you set yourself a limit of 3 progressions, there is no further risk.

  • Resetting you Progressions

Once progression 3 is over, you reset the tally and roll back to your original minimum bet set of £2.00. At the moment, you have a stack of £64.00 worth of Roulette chips. That means you can also afford to lose another 7 spins before braking to even again.

What happens if I lost progression 3?

Had you lost the progression bet, then you will lose all your chips. Fortunately, due to your early winning streak on spin 1 and spin 2, you were able to get 3 spins for £2.00. Therefore, the Paroli system is popular because of its ability to make each Roulette session last longer.  That is a session being each time you sit down at a Roulette table and begin to play.

The Paroli System Winning Percentages

Up until now, this system should not have scared you at all. It is extremely simple and highly recommended for those just starting to learn ropes when it comes to Roulette, as well as for those that are just starting to try out different Roulette strategies. Even learning the odds is easy.

Here is a simple European Roulette chart providing percentages and monetary values for progressions:

European Roulette chart:

Progressions£££(Winnings)ProfitWin Percentage Chance

As you can see, the more progressions you chose to use, the higher the risk of losing. You do still get to earn a much higher profit. In our example, above in our ‘Paroli System in Action’ section, 3 is the optimal number. Even then, the odds of winning an outside even bet 3 times in a row are as low as 5.6%.

How are these odds calculated?

To begin with, you need to figure out what the chances are of an even odd outside bet producing a successful outcome.

  • 37 numbers on a Roulette table
  • 36 of them are reserved for outside bets
  • 36 is split into 2 = 18 numbers will be red, black, odd, even, high, or low
  • This means out of 37 numbers you have a 18/37 chance of winning

The maths here for 5 progressions is: (18/37 x 18/37 x 18/37 x 18/37)

  • TOTAL: 0.056
  • PERCENTAGE: 5.6%

NOTE: The figures change for US Roulette tables.

  • European Roulette = 37 numbers including the ‘0’
  • US Roulette = 38 numbers including the ‘0’ and the ‘00’
  • US Roulette’s 38 numbers means you will have a 18/38 chance of winning

Using Bonus Online Casino Bonus Codes to Fund the Paroli Strategy

For those that like to play casino games online, then you can get the most out your money while practising the Paroli Roulette system using a casino bonus code.

  • 100% match deposit Welcome Bonuses
  • Daily, weekly, monthly deposit match bonus codes
  • Free credits given away by your online casino

You can even sign up to an online casino that gives you free play options. The virtual tables you play on for free are the same as the real money tables. The only difference is that you are not suing real money to play.

Here are some online casinos with great bonuses and free play options:

Is Using the Paroli Strategy Allowed in Casinos?

Yes. You can even tell the dealer/croupier in the casino that you are using the Paroli strategy. The dealer will ask you how many progressions you will be playing.

Our Verdict

The main 3 points to expect with this system are:

  1. Expect lots of small losses
  2. Small number of big wins
  3. Expect upswings and downswings

To round it up, it is far easier to learn the odds of the Paroli system in comparison to many other Roulette systems. In addition to this, you will also find the Paroli system is extremely straight forward. It is so easy in fact, that players that like to make a lot of inside bets use the Paroli system as a side bet option for fun.

To be realistic, you should not expect to get rich using this system, but what it will do is prolong your casino play, and at the same time gives you an interesting angle on the game. It is very simple to learn, as an added bonus it begins to teach the important skill of discipline when it comes to gambling.

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