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Reactoonz Online Slot Machine – Free Play & Review

If you enjoy a good game of Candy Crush Saga, then Reactoonz is a slot machine that has enough in common with it that I think you should try it out. The combinations that pay you are formed with symbols that match, being chosen from a large field of 7×7 symbols.

The actual theme is coming from outer space by the looks of it, with symbols being aliens that seem separated into two classes, with one or two eyes. The special mention goes to the feature giant symbol that can appear as well as a wild, the one sporting three eyes.

Various meters and containment fields are present on the sides of the game area, and they’re used over the course of your spins. The game is cute, you can give it that, and at least we’re not looking at gemstones or candy, things that slots with this type of gameplay usually offer.


I generally enjoy the games that Play n Go puts out, though I’m mostly talking about the releases from the last couple of years.

As any company that has been around for a long time, they tend to have a mixed bag when it comes to graphics quality. Some of their slots aren’t impressive at all, but if you check out their newer slots, titles like Fu Er Dai or Troll Hunters, I’m sure that you will feel differently.

Basic Information

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  • 100% Up to £200 New Players Only
  • - A Collection of Slots
  • - UK Legal & Licensed,

How To Play It

With no regular paylines to use, the game will let you just choose a total bet, without even trying to claim to have line bets. The range used inside will vary between $0.20 and $100, with a total of fifteen values available in it.

This is no regular slot machine, and you will notice that quickly once it finishes loading. The setup involves the use of 7×7 reels, so a total of 49 symbols are visible. There are no lines, the combinations forming with 5+ matching symbols that are next to each other, touching vertically and/or horizontally.

Special Features

In addition to having a cluster pays system basically, Reactoonz will also have exploding symbols, which are going to bring you more wins by allowing others to come and occupy the positions that become empty once you’ve formed a combo/cluster. This can continue happening multiple times over the course of a spin.

The Gargantoon is a giant wild symbol, which you normally see trapped in a stasis field, on the right side of the screen. It’s going to be placed on the reels under the right circumstances, once you get the Quantum queue to fill up. It’s also capable of placing between 4 and 8 wild symbols on your reels, something that it does at random. When it is placed as a giant wild on the reels, it occupies 9 positions, in a 3×3 pattern.

Quantum Leap is the name of a feature which you see charge up, as you’re forming winning combinations. One of the four Quantum features will be placed in the queue once you got wins from a total of 25 symbols. The fifth time that you get the full charge you will obtain the Gargantoon feature.

The four Quantum features that you can get at random in the queue are called Demolition, Implosion, Incision and Alteration.

Maximum Payouts

The most impressive thing about this slot machine would be its top jackpot, reaching $75,000 usually, with a chance to double it to $150,000 thanks to certain features.


Reactoonz delivers a unique experience, huge payouts and features that they tried very hard to make interesting and complex at the same time.

Play Reactoonz Slot Machine For Real Money Now:

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  • 100% Up to £200 New Players Only
  • - A Collection of Slots
  • - UK Legal & Licensed,
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