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Fortress Charge Online Slot Machine – Free Play & Review

Fortress Charge is quite far from the typical slot machine in terms of implementation, though it should be familiar theme wise, being inspired by fantasy and adventure. There are heroes that you’re waiting for, to make an appearance in the game and start a quest of sorts, where you end up getting paid for each enemy that’s defeated. The game area is shaped like a fortress with three levels, each one with 6 positions/symbols to go through.

The symbols involved will include five types of heroes (knight, dwarf, elf, dragon or beast), along with various villains (boulders, spikes, ogres, snakes and scorpions), weapons and other objects (wands, shields of several types, potions or spears). Some of these will defeat the hero, others will be removed by his advance.


This game comes via Microgaming, but it’s actually a design from Crazy Tooth Studio, a partner of theirs which offers exclusive content on the larger company’s casino platform. To find more of their work, look for Microgaming’s content, as the smaller company launches new titles every couple a months through them.

Basic Information

Free Spins
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How To Play It

Your bets start from only $0.10, it will be sufficient to spin the reels in Fortress Charge. This gets you the three rows and the Reel Quest system, with the potential wins that result. Up to $15 can be wagered, if the player is feeling generous, but keep in mind that the slot doesn’t have the best hit frequency around.

I’ve mentioned at the start how the game works, but it’s worth repeating. You get symbols on the three rows of 6 positions each, and you’re looking for the 1st reel to have Hero symbols on it. With 1 to 3 Heroes present there, each one starts on his quest, and starts facing the enemies he has in front of him. He first faces the symbol from reel 2, then reel 3, and so on. With each one that he defeats, you get paid a certain amount. You see a Fortress on the far right side, and you aim to reach it and get the bonus that’s shown on it.

Special Features

Fortress Charge is surprisingly light on special features, at least if we’re talking about the usual options that we’ve come to expect. You don’t get wilds to help you, nor free spins or bonus games.

All you get, is the Reel Quest mechanic, and the 3 lines/rows on which you’re looking to advance and win prizes. It’s not easy to get paid inside, this is more of a high volatility slot, and only 1 in 8 spins is expected to pay you something, on average (hit frequency is 12.32%).

It’s a bit more complex than I’ve mentioned above as well. Each Hero has certain villains and objects that he can defeat, while others will always take him down. The result of these encounters is not random then, and you need a certain type of symbols to show up, in order for you to reach the end.

Some random help may come at times though, with fireballs falling from the sky, to remove opposition from the hero’s path.

Maximum Payouts

The slot’s potential can be great, up to 16,000x the stake paid in the best case scenario, but the volatility is very high and the hit frequency is only 12.32%. Even with those numbers, due to the game’s potential, the RTP still ends up at a 96.45% that I approve of.


Fortress Charge looks like it could be very interesting, a slot machine with a Reel Quest system that I recommend you explore. It’s unique and it could be fun, though there is no guarantee there, and the high volatility doesn’t make it a good choice for everyone either.

Fortress Charge Slot Machine For Real Money Now:

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