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Flower Power Slot Machine

The sixties are back with Microgaming’s classic slot machine game, Flower Power. This slot is a 3 reel love fest, with hippie icons a plenty, as well, of course, plenty of flowers.

This fun loving slot machine isn’t a true classic slot; because it contains special features, although the reels and limited number of icons do certainly push it in that direction.

There are quite a few hippie themed slots about, and Flower Power kind of falls into the mould as the others, as great if you like that sort of thing, but not exactly memorable if you don’t.

Basic Information

Free Spins
Wild Symbol
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How to play Flower Power slots online

This love and peace slot contains 3 reels and 3 paylines, making it somewhat different from classic slots you might ordinarily be used to playing. However, the coin denominations range from $0.25 up to $5, a total of 1 coin per line can be staked. This gives this updated classic slot, a minimum stake of only $0.25 per line, per spin, and a maximum stake of $15 for an all paylines activated spin.

Flower Power contains some groovy icons. The swinging sixties are brought back to life with flower wheels, peace signs and of course, the hugely coloured Flower Power logo. Other more classical 3 reel slot icons include single bars, double bars and triple bars. The game’s logo is used as the jackpot icon, and a special feature symbol.

Flower Power slot Bonus Features

As mentioned, the Flower Power logo is the special feature symbol. In this slot, it acts as a wild symbol. When it is found on a payline, it will automatically substitute itself for any symbol that the player needs to complete a winning combination on a payline. The wild does also double as a jackpot icon, and we’ll come to that shortly.

Flower Power slot Payouts

Because only 1 coin can be staked per line in this Microgaming slot, the pay table is rather easy to decipher. Any player that accumulates any 3 bars will win a total of 7 coins. Gamers who line up 3 single bars will be paid out 15 coins for their troubles, whilst 3 double bars on a payline are worth 30 coins. Any 3 triple bar icons will payout 80 coins, whilst 3 flower wheels result in the player receiving a payout worth 150 coins. The top standard payout is for 300 coins, which the player will win when they line up 3 of the peace icons on any active payline.

The Flower Power jackpot

Let’s not kid ourselves here. There are technically 3 different jackpot sums that you can win. The player will need to line up 3 of the Flower Power icons on a payline to win any of the jackpots, but the payline that he or she does so on, will automatically determine how much they win.

For example, if you line up the 3 wild symbols on the first payline, you will win a total of 1,500 coins. Do it on the second payline and you’ll walk away with around 3,000 coins for your jackpot. The top jackpot though is 5,000 coins, which can be won whenever a player lines up the 3 wild symbols on the third payline, which is the lowest payline in the slot.

Other notes on Flower Power Jackpot

A lot of players will feel slightly cheated that they can’t win the massive jackpot on any of the paylines. Although to be fair, given that the top jackpot of 5,000 coins is worth $25,000 in real money, the chances of the other jackpots being worth large sums is pretty good too.

Generally, the wild icon isn’t very common, but when it does appear, your chances of bagging big wins are quite high. The fact that Flower Power uses both wilds and 3 paylines does make it stand out a bit from other generic classic slots, but this is still a hippy peace and love slot, and there are plenty of those about.

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