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American roulette wheels differ slightly from European wheels in that they have a zero and a double zero. European wheels have only a zero. This is an important difference since zero’s are what gives the house the advantage in roulette.

The addition of the second zero, in effect, doubles the house’s chances of winning.

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How To Play

There are 37 numbers on an European roulette wheel, from 0 up to 36, and the roulette table has 37 number, and, in theory every table number, has an equal chance of the ball landing on it. Numbers 1 through 36 alternate between black and red in color. The zero are green.

There are many different combinations on which a gambler may bet at the roulette table. The simplest two are odd and even or black and red. On these bets, the house will pay a dollar for every dollar the gamer bets and wins. If the gambler bets on black, he has 18 chances of winning. The house has 18 chances that the ball will land on red and one chance of that the ball will land on the green zero. That figures out to 18 chances for the gambler and 19 chances for the house to win on every spin.

Every other combination of bets winds up the same. The gambler can bet on high (19-36) or low (1 – 18) and those bets will pay out at 1:1. If the gambler bets on low, he has 18 chances to win. The house will win if the ball drops into slots 19 – 36, or if it hits the zero. That is 18 chances for the gambler and 19 chances for the house.

The gambler can bet on a range of numbers such as 1 – 12 and the house will adjust the payout to reflect the greater risk. Say the gambler does bet on 1 – 12. This represents 1/3 of the numbers on the board (minus the zero of course). So the house will pay out $3. for every $1.00 the gambler bets.

Of course, the ball won’t drop into each slot in turn over 38 spins, but in the course of hundreds of thousands of spins, it should, and over the course of months and years, the house will keep $1.00 out of ever $37 bet as a profit.

A gamer can place a roulette bet on what is called a basket bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3. Then the gambler has four chances out of 37 to win, and the house will pay 8 to 1 every time he does.

“Corner” bets on any four numbers will pay eight.

A bet on three numbers pays 11 to 1 .

A two-number bet pays 17 to one.

And finally, if betting on one-number and the ball hits your number it pays back $35 to $1. A single number bet is called “going straight up.”

Almost every evening in a casino, some people will win big money at a roulette table, some will lose a little bigger, but most people will lose a relatively small amount in relation to what they gambled. The most important math the average gambler can do is to figure out when he has lost enough and walk away from the table.

You Can Win – But Do You Want To?

Some people do win consistently and deliberately at roulette. According to the book, Get the Edge at Roulette, How to Predict Where the Ball Will Land, by Christopher Pawlicki, there is a way. Pawlicki explains that no roulette wheel is perfectly balanced. For whatever reason – the rotation of the earth, a slight wobble in the table, the pull of gravity – the ball will wind up in some slots more often than others.

Also, each dealer has his own signature toss that affects where the ball will land. The croupier spins the wheel and then waits a beat before tossing the ball. That moment or beat affects the outcome so much that Pawlicki states the ball will often land within 10 or slots of the last toss.

Therefore, an observer watching the same croupier at the same wheel over the course of 100,000 or more spins can begin to predict, with a fair amount of accuracy, where the ball will land next. He can have a reasonable hope, then, of gaining enough of an edge to win a little more than he loses over the course of his time gambling at that table with that dealer.

Anyone wishing to try this method must be prepared to invest long hours and months learning the characteristics of his croupier and wheel. When he does begin to play, he must have the resources and fortitude to withstand long strings of losses. Then heaven help him if his “lucky” combination of dealer and wheel are separated and he must resume his months of study again.

Also, this method only works at casinos. Online roulette means a virtual wheel that is perfect and an invisible dealer who has no individual quirks. The random number generator that makes the wheel appear to spin is not influenced by the turn of the earth or anything else for that matter.

Few people will have the time or money to visit a casino every night; to wait until they thoroughly know a table to begin betting there. The advantage of online roulette is you don’t have to pay the dealer a tip when you win.

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