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Warlords: Crystals of Power Free Slot Machine Play & Review

Warlords: Crystals of Power is the latest slot machine game from Scandinavian online casino software developer, Net Entertainment. The slot features a predictable and typical 5-reel, 30-line setup, and is the developer’s own take on the epic/fantasy genre.

Warlords: Crystals of Power has a handful of decent features, but doesn’t stand out for its graphics, which could belong in any other NetEnt slot, really. It is too early to tell if this slot will go on to be a success when it is released later this month, and likely, it will come down to your own personal preferences.


Net Entertainment usually try to push their boundaries when they release new slots. That doesn’t seem to be too much of that happened with the Warlords: Crystals of Power slot.

NetEnt has certainly added a larger selection of features than we might ordinarily see in their slots, but there isn’t much forward movement in the graphical department. Epic as the theme may be, this new NetEnt slot is very much graphically in the same vein as their Hall of Gods slot, albeit without the big money progressive jackpots.

We’ve only seen Warlords: Crystals of Power briefly, but from what we can gauge from playing it, it doesn’t look the sharpest slot ever to be released by this great developer of casino games.

Basic Information

Free Spins
Wild Symbol
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How to play

The wagering menu is predictable Net Entertainment in design. It doesn’t fit in with the theme of the slot, and it doesn’t exact offer you total control over your bets. The good news is that this menu can see you able to bag a 2-for-1 deal on paylines.

Players will only end up wagering on half of them. You are therefore looking at a slot which can cost you anything from a floor of $0.15 per spin, up to a ceiling of around about $150 per spin. That is moderately reasonable for any Net Entertainment developed slot machine game.


Wild symbols: Wild symbols appear as three crystal symbols. These icons can substitute themselves for all other icons in the game, except for scatter symbols.

Wild symbols are also the joint based paying symbols in the slot, alongside the samurai character, which counts as one of the three “leader” symbols in this game – the others being the priestess, and the barbarian.

Scatter symbols: Scatters take the shape of the three leader icons which we have just mentioned. These symbols can trigger a special bonus round based on the characters on the scatters you land, when 3 or more appear on the reels in any position.

However, you can also mix and match the scatters to trigger a random bonus. A brief fight will ensue, with the winner of that three-way battle deciding which bonus round you will get.

Free spin bonuses: The first of the free spin features you could win is the Barbarian Bonus. In this feature, players can start with a total of 9 free spins. They will also be able to play with just the samurai and animal icons on the reels in this bonus.

The second free spins feature is the Samurai Bonus, and it can offer you 5 free spins with scatters acting as sticky wilds. The third feature is the best of the lot, and it is known as the Princess Bonus.

This feature offers a total of 7 free spins, with scatter icons able to boost your winnings by a 1x multiplier each time they appear.

Maximum pay-outs

Remember how we just told you that the Priestess Bonus is the best of the three, and how it can offer you big multipliers?

That is because it is the way to win the slot’s non-progressive jackpot. Players can win as much as 6,666x their total bet if they strike it lucky in Warlords: Crystals of Power’s Priestess Bonus.


Warlords: Crystals of Power has good features, but so-so graphics. To be honest, the graphics are considerably better than in many other smaller developers’ slots, but just not up to par when we think of NetEnt developed slots.

Fortunately, not everybody cares so much about graphics. If you’re more interested in bountiful bonuses, cheap bets, and a sort of a World of Warcraft style theme, then the new Warlords: Crystals of Power could indeed be for you. Shame about the name, though, isn’t it?

There is no definitive release date yet for this new Net Entertainment video slot. We would imagine that you can get your hands on it before the end of November, though.

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