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Vikings Go Berzerk Slot Review

If you’ve played Yggdrasil’s Vikings Go Wild before, and you enjoyed it, then you will already be over-the-moon with everything that this follow-on has to offer. The sequel to Vikings Go Wild, the new Vikings Go Berzerk slot is based on the original game in more ways that you can possibly imagine.

Vikings Go Berzerk contains flashier graphics than the original game (although Yggdrasil didn’t slouch with those graphics either), and the general theme of the slot remains the same. Vikings will be doing battle with sea serpents at Ragnärok (the ending of the world in Norse mythology).

It’s all very samey, but what else can we tell you? Well, how about we look at Yggdrasil, and see why they chose the design they did.


Yggdrasil already stumbled across a winning formula with the original Vikings Go Wild slot. One would imagine that they’d build on that, and introduce a few new features to the Vikings Go Berzek sequel then, wouldn’t they? Actually, no. Yggdrasil had sort of chickened out (as it were) and decided to play it too safe.

As a result, virtually none of the features which appear in the Vikings Go Berzerk slot are new. They are all re-hashes from the original game. Vikings Go Berzerk is simply a case of more of the same, then, and that means we’re a little disappointed with what’s on offer from Yggdrasil.

Basic Information

Free Spins
Wild Symbol
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How to play

There are 5 reels and 25 paylines in the Vikings Go Berzerk slot, and they are wonderfully blended into a thematic wagering menu bar (of sorts).

Unfortunately, Vikings Go Berzerk won’t allow you to alter the number of lines in the game, although they will let you flick around with your wagers to some degree. Expect to find a wagering range which has a floor of $0.25 per spin, and a ceiling of $250 a spin in this slot.

The latter is just a rough estimate, though. We won’t know the true maximum stake of this slot until it is launched.


Wild symbols: Wild symbols once again appear as “wild” word symbols, and they can substitute for all other icons in the game, save for scatters. Vikings can also be wild, but only in the bonus round, and only under certain conditions. We’ll come to that shortly.

Scatter icons: If players land 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels of this slot, they will trigger the Ragnärok bonus round. This is the main special feature in the slot, and it consists of a free spins bonus, with added goodies.

Rage Meter: You can also trigger the Ragnärok bonus via the Rage Meter above the reels. Whenever a Viking win is accumulated, the Rage Meter will rise. Once it is full, there is every chance that you could be taken to the bonus game.

Free spins bonus: It doesn’t really matter how you get to the bonus round, because the premise is the same, even if the number of spins differs.

When Viking symbols appear on the reels, they will do battle with sea serpents in an apocalyptic battle. Should they win the day, the Vikings will become wilds. If they are beaten back, they will remain Viking symbols and nothing more.

Maximum pay-outs

Just like the maximum wager, we don’t actually know how much you can win with this slot just yet. We have heard rumours of it being a 500x your total stake jackpot, which would make it non-progressive, obviously.

There is no way of knowing this for certain until the slot is launched, barring information being released by its developers.


In all honesty, we’re not remotely impressed with this slot. It does contain more than decent graphics, and they are even better than the original game. However, most of the other aspects of this game have simply been ported over to the new game, and given a new paint job.

Yggdrasil could have taken a chance and made this game bolder, with better, more original features. They haven’t, and that leaves us feeling a little irked. Vikings Go Berzerk breaks down like this: if you loved the original, and want more of the same, you’ll love it.

If you were hoping for something more in the sequel (like us), or didn’t care too much for the first, you’re certainly not missing anything with this new game.

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