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Play Super Heroes Slot Machine Free & Read Review

Super Heroes is an upcoming video slot from Yggdrasil, and it is scheduled to be released at the end of October – October 24th to be exact.

Rather than mess about trying to acquire licenses to real comic book heroes (which is trickier than ever thanks to Disney’s forceful takeover of Marvel), Yggdrasil has decided to go it alone and produce their own superhero themed slots.

It is a gamble, but one which could ultimately pay-off, and nobody could replicate it. At this moment in time, we have no idea how successful they will be, since everything is being kept under wraps concerning this slot’s wagers, features, and bonuses.


What we do know is that Yggdrasil has a track record of creating video attractive and addictive slot machine games. The slot promises to incorporate the very best features which we have seen from Yggdrasil (and there are six of them in this game), as well as reliable but affordable wagers, and decent prizes.

This may be too much to ask of a company which has never developed a superhero themed slot before, but given the secrecy around this title, it would suggest that Yggdrasil is cooking up something big – or at least they think they are.

Basic Information

Free Spins
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How to play

We don’t know too much about the Super Heroes slot, but we do know that it will be played over 5 reels, with just 20 paylines present on those reels.

There is no word yet if you will be able to alter those paylines, but we’re probably looking at a wagering range, which extends from $0.20 per spin upwards to about $200 per spin. We wouldn’t think Yggdrasil would go beyond those values, as they seldom tend to in other slots.


Character features: There are plenty of bonuses to be had in this slot, as we’ve said. Each of the six bonuses is tied to one of the six superheroes Yggdrasil has created. These are known as Knox, Raven, Tesla, Mirage, Hopper, and Trance.

We know that the superpowers are really features and include wild reels, random wilds, multipliers worth between 2x and 5x, extra free spins, mystery wins worth up to 1,000 coins, and random symbols. We couldn’t tell you which superhero is responsible for which special features at this moment in time, though.

Wild symbols: Given that there are wilds present in the superhero features, we know that there will be wild symbols present at some stage and in some form in the Super Heroes slot. We just don’t know if they will apply to the base game in basic format.

Free spins bonus: We also know that there is a free spins bonus in this slot because a handful of the aforementioned superhero features are designed for that bonus round – such as the “extra” free spins.

We know next to nothing else about the bonus, though. We are even being kept in the dark concerning how it is triggered.

Maximum pay-outs

Pay-outs in this game are something of a mystery, too. If we wanted to have a crack at it, we’d advise you to expect a non-progressive jackpot.

We’d also reckon that the total prize is going to vary somewhere between the 2,500 and 10,000 coin mark, since most of Yggdrasil’s other slots tend to cough up wins in this region.


Unfortunately, we can’t be too sure of anything with the Super Heroes slot. Although it is scheduled for release in a little under two weeks, Yggdrasil are still keeping everything close to their chest. That can either be a very good thing, or a very bad one.

On the one hand, Yggdrasil could be desperate to keep things secret so that other developers don’t rush out a slot by nicking their features.

On the other hand, Yggdrasil’s slot may still need work and so they are not giving anything away for fear of jeopardising the success of their slot. Who can say at this moment in time which way the Super Heroes slot will go.

Our money is on Super Heroes being a thoroughly enjoyable slot machine game, but that it is not as exciting as The Dark Knight (now defunct), or any of the once-mighty Playtech designed Marvel progressive jackpot slot machine games (again defunct, thanks to Disney).

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