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Incinerator Slot Review

Incinerator is themed in a dystopic future. Civilisation has collapsed and all that is left is the rubbish and an incinerator tirelessly incinerating it deep in the planets core. In this slot game, the symbols are the trash which the incinerator destroy in an orange explosion as the player makes paylines.


Incinerator is the brain child of the innovative folk at Yggdrasil Gaming. The company is headquartered in Malta. They are a new company, only launching their first game in 2013.

But they have to be doing something right at the recent EGR B2B Awards Yggdrasil was awarded the software rising star award, the most high profile awards in the betting and gaming industry. There games always have a unique or concept behind them. It is important for a new company to differentiate themselves, and that is what Yggdrasil does.

Basic Information

Yggdrasil Gamin
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The interface is metallic and futuristic. Yggdrasil has really nailed this theme, everything has the right vibe. The reels are light grey colour, and made of little boxes.

This is a cascading slot and the symbols fall down into these squares. The design gives the appearance that the reel borders have a functional use, and are responsible for the large explosions that incinerate the paylines. It is a five reel slot. On the left of the reel is a red/orange screen.

This is the Wild Pattern feature, more about how it works in the “Special Features” section. Visually this orange red screen looks really good, like they plucked it straight out of a Hollywood movie.

How to play

The spin button will get the reels rolling. A player must select their bet using the buttons on the panel. The game has a theoretical player return of 96.0%. There are 20 paylines in this game. It is also a cascading slot.

This means that symbols are not fixed to the reels, but cascade down form the top of interface, both when the reels are spun and to fill the space made by the winning of paylines. In theory a player could make indefinite paylines in a single spin, but it is very unlikely.

The lowest coin value is 0.01 and the highest coin value is 10. The player cannot change the amount of lines they can bet on or the amount of coins they can bet. For more information about paylines, betting and the symbol values, a player should press the info button, on the bottom left of the panel.

Special feature

The Wild Pattern special features is a novel approach to Wilds. It is activated when a player achieves three consecutive wins in a single spin, made possible by the cascading reels. The Wild Pattern Screen displays one of 8 patterns at the start of the spin.

The pattern shows the location of Wilds relative to the reels. When activated, this pattern replaces the symbols on the reels with the Wild Pattern. These patterns all consist of around 4 Wilds which leads to some impressive pay outs. There is a second group of patterns unlocked if a player manages 6 consecutive wins in a single spin, or 3 after the first Wild Pattern.

These 8 patterns have more wilds, normally around eight and they are laid out in patterns which will result in bigger wins.

Maximum Payout

The biggest wins come from unlocking the second group of the Wild Pattern feature. By the time this has happened the player will have already won 6 pay lines and have a big win from the first Wild Pattern.

The largest 5 in a row in the game rewards the player 200 credits. At the highest coin value that is €2000. But with a cascading slot, even that win could have others added to it, so who is to say how lucky a player can get with this one?


This game has a phenomenal concept, which works so well because it justifies the gameplay. In incinerator, the player is not just playing a slot, they are cleaning up a planet.

And of the merit of the theme alone makes this game is worth playing. It also has some nice features, the Wild Pattern feature is unique and players will enjoy reaping its benefits.

The symbols do not have that high a jackpot, and a player will find that they need multiple paylines per spin to keep their bankroll, rolling which can be frustrating. But all things considered, this game is worth a play.

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