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Peek a Boo Slot Review

The Peek a Boo slot has a Halloween theme. The symbols, are ghosts and candy. Microgaming are implying that players are catching ghosts, with pay lines in this pokies game.

The light blue pay line is animated to move and behave in a way, which suggest it has ghost trapping properties. The Free Spin Bar is also filled by the same light blue plasma, type substance.


Peek a Boo, is a new addition to the titles of Microgaming. Microgaming Software Systems Ltd is a company based in the Isle of Man. All online slot players, should be familiar with the work of Microgaming.

They have a range of titles and are one of the biggest online slot developers out there. They claim to have released the first genuine online casino in 1994. Their game are simple to play, normally have lots of pay lines and impressive jackpots.


Basic Information

Free Spins
Wild Symbol
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Peek a Boo is a 5 reel slot with a dark blue background and interface. When a winning play line is made the Ghost Symbols are animated to shake and come off the reels slightly.

There a number of small animations, such as the Ghost Catcher Symbol, which shoots a beam of, light blue, light that traps ghosts. While little, these animations improve the overall feel and aesthetic of the game. There is beauty in the details. The panel is down the bottom of the interface and is a, more or less, standard panel.

How to play

There are 40 pay lines in the Peek a Boo slot. Pay lines are played left to right, meaning the first winning symbol in the combination must be in the far left column.

If the player collects ten ghost they trigger free spins. The Ghost Zapper Symbol can zap one ghost per reels and stores each ghost in the Free Spins Beel on the side of the slot. The Ghost Symbols are high value symbols as opposed to the low value Candy Symbols.

Bonus Features

Peek a Boo, features a bonus free spins game, separate to the base game. The Free Spins Game has a whopping 1024 pay lines. This game mode also includes Spooky Respins. Spooky Respins, spin the 4th and 5th reel a second time on 3 and 4 of a kind wins.

This gives the player an additional chance at landing a big win. Each free spin is played out at the bet size of the spin, which awarded the game mode. The Free Spins Game mode, won’t stop giving. In addition to the ten free spins the player can also win a bonus by collecting ghosts.

The Ghost Buster Symbol is used to zap ghosts, and the player can collect up to 13. The Free Spins Game, has a slightly different colour scheme, for more information about unlocking the free spins game mode see the “How to Play” section.

Maximum Payout

The base game Jackpot is a casual 10,000 credits, not bad at all. It is won by lining up five Peek a Boo symbols. The player has a greater chance at winning this in the Free Spins mode.

Reels four and five will be re-spun, on any three or four of a kind win, with the Spooky Respin feature.


This is a solid slot game. The bonus Free Spins Game has a bunch of features which can equate to some big winning potential. It is a fun playful theme, and a well-designed slot.

The jackpot is not the biggest of figures, but with forty pay lines in the Base Game and 1024 in the Free Spins Game there are definitely credits to be won.


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