William Hill Offers Great Bonus for New Comers!

There is a great new bonus available to those players that are new to the online casino of William Hill’s line up of online gambling websites. This bonus is offered to all players and is an ongoing promotion to players that play at William Hill for the first year of their online play!

The way the promotion works is that players join the online casino and create a new membership. They will then have to make a deposit of a minimum of 35 pounds per month and can opt in to get a 20% deposit bonus on one deposit per month! The maximum return players will get per month is 100 pounds so therefore one must make a deposit of 500 pounds into their account in order to get a 20% return of 100 Pounds!

This promotion is valid through the first 12 months of their membership. As long as the players make a deposit every month they can take advantage of this promotion. They just have to make sure to enrol in this promotion when they create their account in the beginning. The online casino is quite happy to honour the loyalty of their customers and this promotion is there to thank the players that have been playing for 6 or so months and are looking for a little extra care!

 William Hill Offers Great Bonus for New Comers! 1

The online casino thinks it is important to give players something even when they have been playing for a while. Casinos tend to offer a great joining bonus to new players but then those players like to see rewards a few months later as well! So this online casino is doing just that!!