VC Bet Offers Odds on Big Four Teams

With the English Premier (EPL) League about to start on Saturday, VC Bet (Victor Chandler) has started betting on which one of the Big Four teams will have the worst disciplinary record. VC Bet’s spokesperson Neal Wilkins said, “For the last three seasons the disciplinary record of Chelsea has been by far the worst. In fact in the last EPL Campaign they were the worst offenders with six red cards.”

He added, “The Chelsea team record may improve this year with a new manager and a new set of rules. We suspect that the race for the worst record will be much closer this season.”

Arsenal ended their last campaign with 3 players being sent off and 54 yellow cards with Manchester United close behind with 2 players being sent off the pitch and 51 yellow cards. The fourth team, Liverpool, has maintained a good record in the last two seasons with just one player being sent off.

 VC Bet Offers Odds on Big Four Teams 1

VC Bet spokesperson went on to say, “The question now to be asked is whether Chelsea can keep their record sheets better and keep out of trouble. The team has started to get a bad reputation.”

Manchester United is priced at 5:2 but they have to overcome a tricky fortnight in the middle of September when they have to travel to both Anfield and Stamford Bridge. Liverpool is priced at 13:2 and traditionally finds it difficult to avoid defeat at the start of the season