Ultimate Bet Launches Tour of Duty Challenge

Players used to playing in cash games, Sit and Go and multi-table tournaments will now have something bigger to look and play for as the site Ultimate Bet has announced the launch of the Tour of Duty Challenge.

The Tour of Duty Challenge will be an ongoing competition where online poker players can compete for a share of $260,000 every month.

Annie Duke, the sites Card Room Consultant said, “Players will not be just vying for honors at our Tour of Duty Challenge. The competition will turn poker chips into weapons, poker tables into battlefields and players into 5 Star Generals.”

 Ultimate Bet Launches Tour of Duty Challenge 1

The Tour of Duty Challenge will run from 12:00 a.m. EST on the 15th of every month through 11:59:59 p.m. EST on the 14th of the following month.

The competition will have three different medalist divisions-five Stars, three Stars and one Star-for Cash Game players. It will have the same divisions for Sit and Go and Multi-Table Tournaments players.

To qualify, players must earn a specific number of RAI$E Status Points in a day for a minimum number of days. The number of points required to qualify for a division is flexible based on how many days a player chooses to play. Once a player has qualified for a division, they will be automatically entered into a free roll on the first Saturday that falls after the 14th of the month. The amount of money to be won will depend on the medalist division that a player has qualified for.

The winners of the six division free roll will play in two three player winner-take-all tournaments for $5,000 each. The winner of those two tournaments will fight it out for another $5,000 and the chance to play Phil Hellmuth for up to $50,000.