Two Jackpots Hit in Two Days

There have been a few lucky players in the last week, in fact the jackpots were hit one day apart. While the jackpots weren’t massive in the amounts of millions or hundreds of thousands, I am sure that they still made the winners of the jackpots very happy!

The two jackpots were won at the online casinos Rushmore online casino and Intercasino. Both casinos have been around for quite some time and are very popular online casinos in their own respect. Rushmore online casino always offers players a great selection of new games to play and great promotions to use. Intercasino is arguably the first online casino to ever exist on the web and is also a great casino for the variety of games and promotions.

The first jackpot was won on a game called let ‘em ride at Rushmore online casino and was just over sixteen thousand dollars and the second jackpot was won at Intercasino and was won on a marvel slot machine and saw the player taking home just over twenty six thousand dollars. While these sums aren’t astronomical both players were more than happy to receive their winnings and said that they will be glad to play at the online casinos again in the hopes of getting lucky yet another time.

 Two Jackpots Hit in Two Days 1

The online casinos are happy for the players and glad that they could make a change in someone’s life even if it was just some extra cash to help with the bills and other things. There are plenty of great games to enjoy at both casinos so check it out!