Twitch Introduces Gambling Service

Amazon Game Studios looks to be rolling out a gambling service across their platform starting on Thursday despite the major events that unfolded against Steam for allowing such services to take place through their own platform.

Twitch is going to introduce a brand new virtual currency called Stream+ that is going to be revealed through a brawling multiplayer game called Breakaway. Amazon is introducing the currency as a way to bring in more involvement from the community and integrate watchers with players, giving more incentive to watch broadcasts and build excitement.

This isn’t the first time that an idea like this has come around on the Twitch platform either, as many streamers have created their own ways of doing this. Some streamers will allow for players to bet on the winning of a League of Legends match that they are playing, and award them with some form of digital currency that they can use if they are correct. Some currencies are just for collection while others can be used to pop up special graphics on the streamer’s screen for all viewers to see.
Even though Amazon has given out some information on their own currency, they have left a lot of details hidden away. We have no idea how the currency is going to spent or redeemed and whether or not players will be able to spend real money to acquire it. The currency might be specific to certain games that integrate with it, or it could be a currency used throughout Twitch’s own ecosystem.

However, we do know that this is likely going to be a big hit amongst the gambling community’s video game fans. Looking back at all of the players that became interested in CSGO skin gambling sites, it’s likely that Twitch’s own form of gambling will be a major success. These sites were allowed to pop up because the Steam market is a free market that allows for players to trade freely and even sell certain items on third party sites for a major profit depending upon the rarity of the digital item.

Breakaway is going to be an exciting way to get people on board with the new currency, and is only the first of many games that will begin to implement it. The game will allow for players to switch teams as they please and rather than use lanes and creeps players will instead build augments along their side of the battleground. Some of these augments include barriers and catapults. The goal will be for the players to try and get their ball into the net of the other team while battling it out in an epic fight of vast proportions.

This is setup sort of like a sports game, which is another reason why it might be such a major success. Sports betting is a very common practice that intrigues hundreds of thousands of people each year, and now there is going to be a video game version that has direct viewer involvement.