Should There Be an Online Casino Bonus Protocol?

Seems to be a funny question since online casino bonuses are something that players usually look forward to and its a great surprise to see a bonus that you would love to enjoy. But there have been a few stories where online casinos have recently received some complaints about the bonuses that they are holding. The players are saying there is too much going on at one time. They don’t know what is coming and what is going and players cant figure out what bonus is happening at the current time.

Some online casinos have so much going on at the same time that there is simply not enough time for the player to learn about the promotion or bonus and take advantage of it. So there is talk that casinos will regulate their bonuses. They are thinking of putting a minimum duration on a bonus. Perhaps one weeks time. And while this sounds like a great idea, the truth is bonus can be as sporadic as the casino wants and there doesn’t really need to be an protocol for them.

What the casinos should consider is that their players are getting overwhelmed and sooner or later they will need a break so maybe running one really long promotion instead of many short overlapping promos may actually be a good idea.


It will be interesting to see what the online casinos come up with next but chances are, with all the competition out there, the bonuses are just going to keep on coming because its better to get the new guys interested then give them away to the competition.