Race to the Top with the new Circus Slot!

Launched April 6th, the Race to the Top promotion is in celebration of the newly launched and highly original role-playing slot game Circus. The prize pool of $150,000 will be rewarded across two leader boards at the end of the promotion on April 20th.

One of the two leader boards are the Palladium VIPs who will compete for $95,000 on their leader board. The other leader board is for regular players, and they’ll be able to compete for their share of $60,000.

To get started, collect as many PartyPoints as you can by playing any slot games including Circus from the April 6th to 20th. The higher the amount of points you have, the higher up you’ll be on the leader board, and the bigger the prize! Earn double the points by playing Circus! All extra points will not be counted towards the Race to the Top competition, but will help you become a Palladium VIP member if you collect enough PartyPoints.

 Race to the Top with the new Circus Slot! 1

Circus is the first ever slot game combined with role playing. This unique game allows you to choose one of four characters, each with their own storyline. These characters include a clown, an acrobat, a magician, and a lion tamer. At the end of each gaming session, the game saves a player’s progress and they can start up again later and continue where they left off. They can also try starting an adventure with a different character.