Question About UIGEA Continue to Foster

The Unlawful Internet gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) seems to be the talk of many online gamblers and online gambling organizations these days. There is quite a bit of uncertainty about the future and the chances to clear all up by December 1st which is the expected day for a certain response looks completely unlikely at this time.

It seems that while implementation regulations are looming it is all a bunch of mismatched ideas that are put into one law but are not defined so clearly… It is certain that there will be some sort of changes made to this law. What exactly it will be is unclear at this time but it will be interesting to see what actually comes out of this law and if any clarification will be made by next week. Our bets are against that outcome at this time.

Interesting part of all this is there is quite a lot of hype surrounding the issues and people on the government end are starting to dig deeper and find issues with the law altogether. There are parts of the law that seem to have holes and would need to be adjusted should their be something to reconsider.

 Question About UIGEA Continue to Foster 1

At this time all people can do is continue to go on with what they are used to. The law is considered to still be in place at this time. Funny enough the law mostly prohibits banks and other financial American institutions from processing payments but there are just so many ways around that at this time that it wouldn’t be surprising at all if many Americans were still playing online and enjoying online gambling just as much as when it was fully accepted.