Poker Academy Giving Players a second Chance to learn from the Best!

There are many once in a lifetime opportunities , but one that amateur poker players won’t want to miss is the opportunity that Bluff Europe is offering by starting yet another session of their live tutorials from their Poker Academy. Players have an opportunity to learn from the absolute best in the industry through this great and inspirational experience.

During the poker academy offering last year, amateur players were lucky enough to experience the expertise training and advice of such players as Phil Laak, Paul Jackson, Ian Frazer, Donnacha O’Dee and Phil Laak who advised players as they played in tournament and live games in poker tournaments and games all around the world including locations such as London, Dublin, Manchester and Birmingham.

There was much customer feedback that said the first tour was such a success that players all over would love to have this experience and opportunity to go through it themselves and would travel far and wide to do so.

 Poker Academy Giving Players a second Chance to learn from the Best! 1

The offering this time will also include some one- on –one mentoring as well as special play analysis to help improve the game of the students that are excited to learn from the experts. This year the experts that will be involved so far are Nik Persaud, Alex Rousso, and Neil Channing. If you are interested in more details about this academy as well as other Bluff Europe events please feel free to visit the website at