Players in the US aren’t Feeling the Love from Online Casinos

While online casinos do not get to choose who wins or loses at their online gambling websites, US players overall have reported less and less wins in recent times. Most likely a thing of coincidence but still leaving the US players wanting more or at least wanting to hear of a fellow American taking home a large jackpot from online casinos.

And while US players may feel that since many online casino players do not accept their transactions, this may actually be the reason for less wins in recent times. Statistically there are more players that play at online casinos from all over the world other than from the US and so since there are more players that are playing there will likely be more winners from these other places as well.

Online casinos powered by Vegas Technologies are currently one of the major companies that does allow and encourage US transactions. However, on the contrary there are many online casino software companies at this time that simply will not license an online casino that has recently or plans to process a transaction that is against the law in that particular country.

 Players in the US aren’t Feeling the Love from Online Casinos 1

So if you are a US player looking for some action that results in a big winning jackpot and you may need to look just a little harder than before as online casinos are currently in fear of the law and are just waiting for the new laws to pass in favor of online casinos saturating the US markets once again.