Offers Players Phase Tournaments which is one of the hottest new online poker rooms, has now added another way for players to enjoy their favorite game.

It is now offering its players phase tournaments which combine the speedy excitement of sit-and-gos with the chance for big-money payments from small entry fees.

The site earlier offered its players two separate phase tournaments – 10-seat tournaments and heads-up tournaments. Now they are offering players the option of trying the Elite Heads-Up phases for bigger cash prizes. Offers Players Phase Tournaments 1

According to the site card room manager Neil Wright the newly launched tournaments are an extension of the regular Heads-Up Phase tournaments.

He said, “The newly launched tournaments will give players the chance to win large amounts of cash on a small investment. Players can progress through each level – starting at Phase 1 for $3.80 (in the Heads-Up Phases) – and turn that entry fee into $1,500.”

Players who have progressed through the Heads-Up Phases will then have a choice when they make it to Phase 9 to either move on to Phase 10 to play for a $380 prize, or they can gain entry into the Elite Heads-Up Phase 1. Poker players who don’t want to move up the ladder from the small stakes can also opt to pay the entry fee directly for any of the Elite Heads-Up phases as well.

Wright added, “Any player who is used to heads up strategy will be well suited to take on the challenge of reaching the top of the ladder. The game of heads up poker is all about fast decision making, finding out about ones opponent and dealing with constant pressure on every hand.”