Online Gambling Software Site Ceases Operations

Online gambling software developing company, Playwize has currently stopped all operations and decided to seize employment of all staff effective immediately due to poor results which were reported with respect to the most recent quarter. The company as a whole has decided to revaluate their entire position before proceeding to do any further business and continue to trade on the London Stock Exchange.

The company currently has several loans due and those companies are looking for others to take over their loans and their investments in an attempt not to go bankrupt.

Playwize went on to explain that they had also made previous arrangements to sell their proprietary software technology but had yet to ask or receive the go ahead from investors and shareholders of the corporation and are currently in the process of waiting to do so.

 Online Gambling Software Site Ceases Operations 1

The software that is currently licensed by other gaming and gambling websites will have permission to continue to use the technology but may have to make certain adjustments if the company switches hands and has to follow certain rules and regulations.

Playwize currently creates software for some of online gamblings biggest names on the market and has never experienced financial troubles in the past. They will continue to resolve the issues with an aim to get to the bottom – and back on top, sooner than later.