Online Gambling Site Celebrates Birthday In Style

Since has been around since the early days of online casinos they knew they would have to celebrate their birthday in style. The website is now happy to announce that they have been up and running for ten years and counting and continue to offer amazing rewards, bonuses and overall a wonderful slot experience for their members.

To celebrate their birthday this year, the website is giving one lucky player 5000 dollars towards the vacation trip of their choosing. The casino has had a big year with the launch of their site in the Spanish language as well as the addition of several new video slot games and a very popular online slot tournament that is completely free to enter.

The player that won the 5000 dollar package said, “I have been visiting and enjoying this website for several years and love all the games that it has to offer. They always showcase games that you do not often find at other online casinos and have great service that is always really helpful if you ever need anything. My experience has been nothing but pleasant. I plan to use this money to go away somewhere hot and peaceful.”

 Online Gambling Site Celebrates Birthday In Style 1

The player explained that he really visits the online casino to have fun, its always a bonus if he wins some money or gets lucky but really he finds that his funds last him quite a while at this website and he enjoys playing several different games at smaller amounts and sometimes opts to play the progressive jackpots.