Online Casinos Happy That President Elect Obama Will Repeal Last Minute Laws

It seems that the new president will bring happy news to the online gambling community as the word is that President Elect Obama and his team are preparing to change and challenge some of the rules and regulations put in place against online gambling by the previous Bush team. The industry is breathing a sigh of relief as this seems to be a promising future with proper legislation that will allow US players back into the online gaming community.

It appears that while this is definitely a topic that will be addressed by the administration it will take time before new laws are passed as it’s not a priority issue for the government at this time.

There are still concerns as to the proper approach to take when it comes to online gambling and where and what the regulations should be. Players in the US will be happy to learn that this topic will actually be revisited in the least and addressed appropriately rather than just being banned without caused and buried under the legal jargon.

 Online Casinos Happy That President Elect Obama Will Repeal Last Minute Laws 1

Obama seems to be ready for a change in the current rules but has not yet come forth with a statement in this regard.
Online gambling has been a controversial issue all around the world as it seems to have many gray areas especially with regard to tax collection and where income should be collected if it originates on the web.