Online Casinos Go Wild

There is a new promotion at one online casino that sees the online gambling world going wild! Not exactly as wild as you may be thinking but the online casino is promoting a new slot game that they have launched which is called Wild Wallet.
The slot game features a 5 reel 9 payout line options . The best part of the game is that it is full of WILD bonuses! The game can pay out as much as 500 times the bet on even the minimum bet and the amount of bonuses that there are to choose from is unreal!

There are free spins to be won, extra credit, spins at the wheel and even a chance to double your credits no matter how many credits you currently have in the machine. The online casinos will be happy to have this slot available to their players as it will definitely be a hit amongst the online casino players.

The game also features a very special bonus where players can fill their wild wallet with as much cash as possible by using their mouse and dragging the bills over. All players have to do is watch out for the fake bills because if you land on a fake bill then the bonus round is over and you are back to spinning yet another time for more chances to win.


Overall the game seems quite fun and you will have to try it for yourself to see if it is something that you can put into your daily gaming schedule.