Online Casinos Go Land Based

Most people have always heard about a strong differentiation between online casinos and land based casinos but sooner than later the paths had to cross and it seems as though that time maybe just around the corner for online casinos and land based casinos alike.

There is rumour that many land based casinos are thinking of branching out into an online form and there is also talk about some online casinos establish land based roots either through their own extension or partnership through existing land based casinos.

The idea actually isn’t that farfetched! Since the companies already have the foot work and the clientele to run the business it actually shouldn’t be that difficult to go the other way. Online casinos have less need to establish a land based casino because there are many more payments and rules and regulations that they would need to follow such as taxes and other costs.

 Online Casinos Go Land Based 1

But for land based casinos that are thinking of moving or extending online this may be a good idea for exposure as well as a good way to get more membership and create strong brand awareness throughout the world. Many land based casinos are thinking of going online since the laws are all said to be changing within the US.

There are many online casinos that are currently working with land based casinos to help them go online and partner together. It will be interesting to see what brands work together and develop once these new laws are passed and keep an eye out for updates as we will let you know as soon as we do.