Online Casino Reporting on 2008 Revenues

The online casino has reported the revenues that they have made in the year of 2008. The online casino was happy to report that while 2008 was a more or less devastating year from most industries, they were still able to turn somewhat of a profit during this time.

While the revenue report was still much less than originally forecasted, the online casino group was happy to say that they were still in the positives and were happy that they were not seeing any red. The total revenue growth which excluded the “high rollers” showed a growth of 11% in total.

The “high rollers” themselves wagered an amount that was significantly less than that of 2007, down by more than double this past year. In 2008 the high rollers wagered an amount that totalled 80 million dollars, and while that may sound like a lot it is marginally compared to the amount of 170 million dollars that was wagered the year previous (2007).

 Online Casino Reporting on 2008 Revenues 1

The CEO of the company says that while they do not expect 2009 to be the best performer of all time they do not have any losses of smaller projections in the forecast than they did the previous year. Online gambling seems to be an industry that can continue to function throughout the recession and while gamblers may not make bets as large as they have in the past they are continuing to make bets none the less.