Online Casino Operators Await Franks New Plan

Mostly everyone that has one thing or another to do with the online casino industry is awaiting the new action plan from Finance expert Barney Frank. The US government official will be responsible for what is likely to take place next in terms of action with regards to online casino legislation in the US market.

The US representative told news agencies as well as the public that a decision with regards to legislation surrounding online gambling within the US is due out by the end of this month. As we are approaching the last few days of March everyone is anxious about what may or may not occur.

The EU has already investigated the potential violation of the trade agreement that disagrees with the UIGEA which is the act that make online gambling in the US unlawful. The EU has allowed for a grace period with respect to timing for the US to overturn their current decision and allow the European (along with the other countries) to enter back into the online landscape of the US.

 Online Casino Operators Await Franks New Plan 1

There are many transaction performed between several countries on a daily basis but at this time online gambling in the US is not legally one of them. While there are surely still Americans playing at online casinos that dare to accept US transactions, there are a majority of online casinos that forbid US players altogether.