Online Casino Lawsuit with the US

The ever popular online casino group PartyGaming has announced that they are nearing a settlement in an ongoing lawsuit with the US government that began when the company was accused of participating in online gambling transaction with the US population after the US government had regulated the industry and pronounced any activity associated with online gambling to be illegal.

The initial settlement for the activity was said to be upwards $300 million dollars and is now calculated to be closer to $150 million dollars being owed by the company to the US.

The online casino continued to offer online poker access to US players after the laws came into place in 2006. It is important to note that while they stayed in the US for a short while, once the law was passed they quickly wrapped up shop and closed the online casino doors to their US customer base.

 Online Casino Lawsuit with the US 1

The courts have been processing this case for several times now and the word is that they are nearing an agreement.
Rumour has it that if the law that Barney Frank proposes to the US government with regard to regulating online casinos and online gambling in the US does pass than PartyGaming will be one of the first online casino companies to jump back into the US market and try to capture as much market share as they can before new players in the industry (mainly companies based out of the US) try to grab those players and members that belonged to the well known online casinos in the past.