Online Casino King Solomon Offers Promotions

King Solomon’s is celebrating its decade anniversary of operations with some great anniversary promotions and prizes. The website has created a special anniversary area that has been dedicated to the celebration. The area features a history of the casino and offering big awards and a Mega Draw. Visitors to the site will see the development of the King Solomon’s and a list of the biggest winners over the decade.

Among the prizes being given out at the mega draw is a Mini Cooper. Among the monthly prizes that will be given away are Nintendo Wiis and Sony digital cameras.

King Solomon’s is among the most popular online casinos which offer a range of 120+ games and incredible customer service for thousands of players over the years.

 Online Casino King Solomon Offers Promotions 1



online_casinos_90_468x90Petros Papadopoulos, the website’s Customer Relations Manager, states, “Players sense that there is something special at our Casino. We have seen in our business a number of online casinos come and go, but we have continued to grow.”

He added, “If a player wanted to put his money on anything in the online casino space, he should invest his money in our casino as it will last for another ten years.”

The spokesperson further added, “The casino wants to give back to its loyal customers, who have allowed the online casino to grow over the past ten years.” The casino is a part of the Wager junction group. It is dedicated to continuously provide a state-of-the-art gaming experience with top-level security.