Online Casino Giving Players a Chance at TV

There is a clever new way of that one online casino is getting players to do their advertising for them. Online casino is offering players and fans a chance to be on TV and getting a chance at getting discovered.

The online casino is running a new promotion which allows players and fans and pretty much anyone that is looking to make a good effort the chance to be discovered. All the is involved is making a catchy commercial for the online casino.

Players must log onto the website and get guidelines to making an advert for the online casino that will be posted on Youtube and judged by others. The commercial will be a short film and one film will be selected as the top commercial each month from now until Jan with the winner taking home a great prize and some great face time on a popular website.


This seems like a really good idea for everyone involved as someone has something to gain from all aspects. What a fun way to be a part of your online casino!

The online casino thinks this is a great way for players to get involved and it is also good for them to get someone else to make their advert without really incurring any cost as well as keeping in great relations with their players and members of their online casino. The commercials will surely be something to look out for as they will likely be funny, edgy and enjoyable for all!