Online Casino Experience for Blackberry Users

Move over iPhone users, online casino software gaming provider Spin3 has just come out with several new games that a geared exclusively to the Blackberry platform. The games are available on the blackberry devices through the Game Wire platform for Spin3.

There are 15 new games available in total and these games can be played on almost any blackberry device including the newly launched bold and storm as well as the traditional models such as the curve, the pearl and as well as the world phone.

While many online casinos geared the first round of games for online casinos for the iPhone, partially due to the stunning graphics and computer like interface that the phone offers. The truth of the matter is, the Blackberry is much more popular in the world of business and if that is the customer that the online casinos are trying to reach than offering games on the blackberry is the only intuitive option.

 Online Casino Experience for Blackberry Users 1

The new games that are offered are available for download on the phone or to be played simply by logging in to the online casino directly from the PDA device. Players can use this as an escape from their busy work days or even a distraction during a long conference call or a business meeting.

The games are supported in several different languages and available for download throughout the world. Players are excepted based on the exclusions made by micro gaming therefore making the options currently not available to US online gambling market.