New Laws for Online Casinos From FreedomWorks

FreedomWorks has released a statement that says they believe the recently public scandal with regards to cheating at online casinos is the sole and only responsibility of the Government. FreedomWorks is an organization that takes action in matters that concern mainly political opinion but seeks less government interaction, encourages more individual choice and liberalism and aims to seek less taxes and overall more for the greater good. This organization is led by Dick Armey who is the previous House Majority Leader.

FreedomWorks explains that since the government has not instated proper regulation with regards to online gambling and the existence of online casinos, all they have done is push the companies off shore without proper measures and ability for regulation. They go on to say that the government did exactly the opposite of what they claim to have intention for. Instead of protecting the online gambling population they have opened the door for them to be cheated and are now exposing the public to a bigger danger.

They explain that online gambling would be safer if it were legalized within the US and that less scandals such as the recent Poker scandal that scammed approximately 20 million dollars would have a less likely chance of occurring .

 New Laws for Online Casinos From FreedomWorks 1

A senior member of FreedomWorks says he believes any government that attempts to ban an industry that is worth billions of dollars is obviously not making the best decision and this is only the beginning of an expected result. Instead of banning the industry why not create proper rules and laws to govern the industry and punish law breakers and thus reward those industry leaders that aim to maintain a standard.