New Idea from Land Based Casino

While it may make sense for a land based casino to offer online casino games, due to American laws and other rules and regulations land based casinos have been known to stay away from the online casino industry until now.

While this is not directly linked to online casinos in anyway, one land based casino that will be opening in the next few months is currently offering players a chance to play some games that they will be offering at their land based casino on the web until the casino opens its doors. The games that they are offering are strictly play and there are no real funds involved at all.

Either way this is a great promotion tactic for the land based casino that will be opening in Michigan in just a bit longer. The marketing strategy that this casino is using will allow players that may in fact frequent the casino a chance to get a small taste of what will be offered.

 New Idea from Land Based Casino 1

Also while not by direct intention, the land based casino is advertising for online casinos all across the web because if the players enjoy the games that this casino offers than perhaps they will enjoy online casino play at various online casinos as well.

The casino will be called FireKeepers casino and will be offering free play on their website for a limited time. The casino hopes that this will make players interested and have them ready and willing to come check out the real thing when the doors open.