New French Gambling Law chases away Playtech

With the new French government in place, the online gambling industry has taken a hit. French online gambling is no longer permitted in the country without a license to operate there. Major gaming companies have pursued licensing, while others have decided to pull out of the French market. Well known gambling operator throughout the UK and Europe, William Hill is unfortunately withdrawing its operations in France. Along with William Hill, all Playtech online casinos have also followed along as well.

Governments across the globe are trying to take on more control of how online casinos operate in their country. The Italians for example offer licenses to a select few online casino operators. The French have actually modeled their system after the Italian’s system. One of the reasons for licensing is that governments want to ensure that there is player protection for its citizens. Unfortunately, it’s costing the online gambling industry, and limiting where players can legally play.

Licensing will legally allow French citizens to play on websites that have attained it, but it will not prevent French players from going to unlicensed operators, which they still have the option of doing. With licensing comes a strict set of rules, so online casinos have pulled out of the French market for the time being and will try to make up for their losses by focusing on other countries in Europe where they can gain profit.

 New French Gambling Law chases away Playtech 1