New Bingo Rooms and Promotions at Online Bingo Website

There is a newer player in the world of online bingo. Online bingo has been a growing industry that has simply exploded in recent times and it doesn’t seem to slow down. One of the latest new comers is which is a fairly new online bingo website that just announced that they were launching seven new bingo rooms along with running quite a few new promotions as well.

The online bingo hall did a re-launch of their brand just a few months ago and has now added some great bingo rooms and promotions that include a great vacation getaway cruise to the Canary Islands. The grand total of rooms now available at the website is 26, which include rooms for those that are looking for a free tournament up to some very premium ticket options as well.

There is also a game when you are looking to play one as well as the online sites daily guaranteed jackpot of 100 pounds.

New Bingo Rooms and Promotions at Online Bingo Website 1

The website itself is rather user friendly and offers great match up bonuses to those players that are new members no matter if they are planning to deposit 20 or 200 pounds. They value their players and make sure that every question is answered and that everyone is always satisfied! So don’t hesitate to check out this great site and visit one of the 26 rooms that are holding games at this very moment, because a trip to the Canary island could be in your imminent future.