Moon Bingo Vamps up Their Site

Moon Bingo has been a leading online bingo website in the UK for a long time. In November 2009 operators re-launched the site and added new games, increased the amount of jackpots and introduced bigger and better promotions. The casino is making its changes known via television ads that will run in the UK starting on Jan 25, 2010.

Operators have developed the slogan “one small step for man, one giant leap for bingo”. This slogan is a play on words in that it is almost exactly the same as the one for man’s first walk on the moon; they simply changed the last word to bingo.

In the short time since the re-launch, visits to Moon Bingo have increased by 900 percent. In an effort to keep up with high traffic, more bingo rooms have been added, the site’s budget and therefore promotional system has been improved and operators have added more instant win options. Online casino players who choose to play bingo games instead of slot or card games are very interested in the changes being made at Moon Bingo. The site is adjusting to their clientele and attempting to meet all of their needs.

 Moon Bingo Vamps up Their Site 1

Bingo is a very popular pastime in the UK and operators have picked up on the online gambling phenomenon and transformed the game into one that can be played online. This is a very convenient option for those who enjoy the game but can’t find enough time to go to a bingo hall.