Mobile Online Casino Starting a New Trend

Since the beginning of last year several online casinos have entered into the industry of telecommunications and have expanded their network of players to those that enjoy online gambling on their portable handheld device. Mobile online gambling is becoming bigger and bigger and many online casinos are entering the industry where they can.

Online casino Platinum Play casino is the latest to join in on providing access for their current members. The online casino has recently enabled their technology so that players that are members of their online casino can also log on and download software to their mobile device and begin to play in almost exactly the same fashion as they do on their personal computer on but rather on the phone.

The transaction is seamless and players can add more money into their accounts by using their debit cards as easily as they do currently online on the computer.

 Mobile Online Casino Starting a New Trend 1

Players that join this network and add this software to their phone will also be largely rewarded in this new coming regard as the online casino is currently offering a whopping $400 dollar bonus for all those that add the new software and start playing in the near future.

The games are identical, and the graphics are also as good as can be expected on a much smaller device. This industry is one that is sure to be a hit and we are likely to see most if not all online casinos jump on the band wagon sooner or later.