Many Win this Week at Online Casino on American Idol Vote off

There have been many winners this week at several online casinos that take bets on the stars of reality TV show. The most popular wager to place on reality TV this week was that of American Idol. This week there were to people voted off , one being a younger contestant named Jasmine and the other named Jorge.

With a new element to the show called the “judges save“ many can place a bet that they right contestants will surely stay on that stage as long as they belong. The judges save allows the panel of four judges to rescue a contestant that has been voted off and keep them on the show but will result in an additional vote of for the week to follow.

Idol believes that in the past there have been several contestants let go simply due to a rough performance or inadequate voting.

 Many Win this Week at Online Casino on American Idol Vote off 1

Online casino players that places a wager on an Idol contestant this week were an overall happy bunch as most agreed with Americas decision to vote off those that had left the show this week.

Many players have their money set on a few crowd favourites such as Danny, Adam, and Lil Rounds.

Making a wager on reality TV shows has become quite popular at online casinos that will accept the wager as more and more people are turning to their TV for entertainment in a down economy that leaves less expendable income for entertainment outside of the home and makes people turn to making some money versus spending some.