Making a Lasting Impression as an Online Casino

Gradually, the United States is dipping its feet into the pool of online gambling. It can be a difficult process since the states are so used to brick-and-mortar gambling. What can the State of Pennsylvania learn from the State of New Jersey’s legalization of online casinos?

Prime Mover Advantages

Usually, the first brand, company or organization to adopt something has a Prime Mover advantage. While this can be significant, it is not impenetrable. You might think of the American automobile industry.

The present American car companies were not the first manufacturers. Many of the original manufacturers have been integrated as makes within the top brands. What lesson does this teach?

It teaches companies to provide the best products or services to survive. In the online gambling industry, it means that the best brands will offer the best user experience (UX). Sometimes, companies are blessed by misfortune.

Quality Over Speed

Many observers might describe the State of New Jersey’s legalization of online gambling as rather discombobulated. The state made online casinos illegal, then legal. Although this is a common strategy for governments, it confused many individuals.

Communication was not one of the strong suits of the New Jersey politicians. Their actions seemed more of a knee-jerk reaction to online gambling growing prominence – many of their primary supporters owned the brick-and-mortar casinos that were being replaced.

When New Jersey online gaming establishments opened their doors, there were many complaints. There were no mobile apps or Wait Lists for the online casinos. Geo-location and player notification features were also heavily criticized.

Of course, many of the top online gaming brands wanted to be FIRST. But, in this instance, getting it right paid off. That is what happened to Golden Nugget.

Online Poker Legalization

How many bullet trains are there in the United States? Zero. This is a key example of what can be gained by later adoption.

Japanese industrial power was destroyed during World War II, so they could use the latest technology. The Japanese were free to develop bullet trains, while America was stuck with 1800s era railroads. The same was true for Golden Nugget.

Golden Nugget had hoped to open its doors online at the beginning of the New Jersey D-Day. But, Golden Nugget had experienced “technical difficulties.” It could have still tried to go live, but decided to sacrifice speed for the sake of quality.

As the other online gambling brands fell over one another, the Golden Nugget could observe their mistakes. When ready, Golden Nugget could offer a better online gambling experience. And, the betters were ready for a new option.

Just as the bullet trains offered a new option to old trains, Golden Nugget offered a new option for the brands that had created a sub-standard user experience. The Golden Nugget marketing campaign could emphasize their newness.

Now that the State of Pennsylvania has legalized online gambling, the brands have more experience. They have learned from their New Jersey mistakes. Lessons learned is key to success.