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Live Comps vs Online Bonuses at Casinos

Incentives are offered by both traditional and virtual casinos as a way to increase business. Although these promotions are designed to entice and maintain loyalty, savvy gamblers can use them to pad their overall bottom line. Often times utilizing a promotion is all a professional gambler needs to break even on an unlucky day.

The question is which is better? Live comps from a traditional casino, or the online casino bonuses available from virtual fare? The truth is the answer relies on the gambler. Both incentives are beneficial, but the best choice is related to the style of the gambler using it. This is why any professional gambler must weigh the difference between the two, and fine which one is a better fit for their individual style. Many gamblers actually use both.

Live Comps

Live Comps have been utilized by traditional gambling houses since the 60’s. Managers offer a wide range of promotions to ensure loyalty, lure in new players, stand out from competition, and remain relevant in an ever-widening market. These comps can range anywhere from a free meal, to free accommodations, to complimentary gifts, special access to games, and even casino-funded boosts in player winnings. A new trend in live comps is the formation of rewards programs. These are free memberships players can sign up for that allow access to a full list of comps. Depending on the range of houses operated by the company, such memberships also allow unlimited access to more than one casino.

The main stipulation for live comps is winning. Most of the time the promotions are only active if the player wins the game. They are designed this way to keep players gambling. They also provide incentive to come back for more. Despite being very effective such comps can also be lucrative if used in the right way. This requires a firm understanding of how the system works, and how that system functions with the strategy of the player.

Online Bonuses

Virtual casinos offer a multitude of online incentives. This is because there are so many online houses out there that competition is pretty stiff. Online bonuses mostly revolve around money deposits. Players can net a welcome bonus for their first deposit and a reload deposit every time they put in more money. These bonuses usually give the player a change to win a cash prize. This prize is then attached to their future winnings enhancing the amount of their later withdrawals.

The cash prizes range from tens of dollars, to thousands of dollars, with some bonuses even offering huge jackpots. The bonuses usually carry a withdrawal stipulation that prevents players from cashing out until their own winnings reach a certain level. This means if a player wins a $4,000 cash bonus, they cannot withdraw until they win an additional $1,000 on their own. In addition, certain games offer their own incentives to first time players. Most of the time these are slots, but they do give prospective players a generous advantage.