Lifetime Chance to Turn A Dime in Millions at Online Casino

If you have been digging in the couch for some spare change in recent times, there is a great way to turn that lucky found dime into a possible sum to the tune of ten million dollars. The online casino site is offering players a shot of taking home the grand prize at the WSOP for the mere investment of a single dime.

To help honour and celebrate the online gambling sites 10th anniversary the company is offering players entry into WSOP step series qualifier tournaments for just 10 cents. While the series of tournaments have several steps before making the actual main event and then of course chances of making the final table this is definitely the best and cheapest shot in town at getting to the event.

Lifetime Chance to Turn A Dime in Millions at Online Casino 1

The site that is an online poker room allows several players to enter tournaments for ten cents and allocates several spot for top placements in the tournament to qualify for the next step series tournament. After a player progresses through several of these tournaments they are then entered into one final online tournament of which the winning players are awarded packages that include entry and accommodations at the WSOP main event.

Those players that do make in to the main event must then play their best poker game that they have ever played in their life in order to beat out what could very well be over 8000 other poker players in order to make it to the final table which will be televised on national television. So if you think you have what it takes to beat the very best log on now and put your dime to the test.