King Solomon Celebrates a Decade With Mega Draw

The successful online casino King Solomon is celebrating its full decade in operation with a mega draw. The casino has decided to reward its customers with a fantastic prize giveaway. The best thing about the mega draw is that anyone can win!

The simple way for a player to enter the prize draw, which is also known as the Mega Draw, is to register their name when they join up with the site. The winner of this Mega draw will recieve a brand new Mini Cooper car. The car was made famous by the Michael Caine movie The Italian Job.

The Customer Relations Manager of the site speaking about the mega draw said, “We as an online casino have always found it easy to get players to sign up for the site and play a few games. The players that have been loyal to the site will be getting something special, because it is they who have truly made the site a launch to success.”

 King Solomon Celebrates a Decade With Mega Draw 1

The online casino also has several special promotions to add to the Mega Draw.  The site is offering a new anniversary edition of internet casino that has never been offered before. The special edition will showcase the history of the casino and its promotions. It will show the players the technology changes that have occurred since 1998. It will also name the biggest winners at the online casino for the last ten years.

The other prizes included in the mega draw are a New Sony DSCW90 digital camera and Nintendo Wii. The trivia section of the online casino will offer information regarding it.