to Host an Online Casino, which is one of the biggest sites for online games in the world, has agreed to host an online casino. It generally offers games of both skill and chance, but this will be its first entry into the world of online gambling.

The company has entered into a licensing agreement with Net Entertainment’s Casino Module which will provide it with casino software and 60 casino games. The opening of the new casino will happen in the next few months.

The company has over 18 million registered players. It expects these numbers to go up with the new additions. At the current moment it hosts 21 puzzle games, such as “Deal or No Deal”; 17 strategy games, such as variations on Mahjong; 14 card games, like Hearts; 18 action games, like “Daisy Defender”; 9 sports games, such as nine-ball pool; and 8 word games like “Word Link”. to Host an Online Casino 1

David Blomquist, Director of Business Operations and Games at, said, “It was important for us to provide our players good entertainment. We chose our games software provider as we think that they have the desired products to support our ongoing expansion.”

Echoing David’s Views, Johan Öhman, CEO of Net Entertainment said, “The adoption of our software by is a major victory for us. I am happy that they chose our software.” was launched in 2003 and is now available in 9 languages and 7 currencies. It is a private company based in the United Kingdom having a development campus in Stockholm, Sweden.